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Thoughts towards the end of summer turn to removing bedding plants, paint protecting our fences and furniture, and looking after our paving in outdoor areas such as laying a new driveway or patio and giving them some TLC. With so many options to choose from nowadays, how do we know which the right one for us is?

To help you decide, we have found this interesting information from www.pavingideas.co.uk

Block Paving
Block paving has become very popular over recent years and is the main growth area in the UK. The price of the blocks has been reduced due to mass production and a stunning driveway can be created whilst getting value for money. Ideal for driveways, patios, and pathways, it can also be sealed to protect the surface. The downsides are that it is prone to moss and weeds growing and requires maintenance.

Block paving is:

* Highly durable and attractive

* Many different colours, textures, and styles available

* Can be used almost anywhere

* Blocks can be used to provide a very smooth finish

You can read how block paving compares to resin bound paving in a previous blog.

Imprinted Concrete
Pattern imprinted concrete is very common and one of the most popular decoratives stamped concrete techniques used in the UK. It is also known as stamped and pressed concrete. Probably the surface that needs the least attention as it is very low maintenance. Ideal for many areas including driveways, patios, and pathways, it allows you to have the look of stones, cobbles, brick, or slate.

The downside is that it can be very slippery in wet weather.

Imprinted concrete is:

* Low maintenance

* Decorative

* Durable

* Available in many different colours and finishes

Tarmac will provide the ideal surface for most driveways, if it is going to have heavy usage then tarmac has the properties required which is why it is used on most roads. It will provide a flat surface with sufficient ‘grip’ in most conditions. Consisting of tar and broken stone it is naturally a dark coloured, bituminous material and can be laid on almost any surface with the right preparation.

The downside is that you are limited to only black or red.

Tarmac is:

* Very hard wearing and long lasting (used for roads)

* Ideal for driveways and paths

* Can be mixed with block paving

* Flat surface, ideal for wheelchairs and buggies

* Can be cheaper than other surfaces


Resin Bound Paving

Resin Bound is a single layered material that is mixed with a bespoke resin and then hand applied and trowelled to a smooth compacted finish. Ideal for pedestrian use and vehicular traffic, it is incredibly durable and hardwearing. It’s eco-friendly as it is permeable meaning that water simply drains through the surface back to the natural water table. It is a stunning surface available in a range of aggregates and colours from natural gravels, crushed rock, and marble to recycled glass. Its design capabilities are probably to most flexible out of all of the surfaces allowing for incredible designs, emblems and logos to be created. The result is an extremely hard-wearing surface for external use, that is fairly resistant to weeds and relatively low-maintenance. The only downside is that it can be expensive as it is said to be the most durable and long lasting surface.

Resin bound paving is:

* Durable

* Stunning in appearance

* Eco-friendly

* Virtually maintenance free

* Permeable

* UV Stable

* No loose stone

* Flexible

* Wheelchair and buggy friendly

* Resistant to extreme temperatures both hot and cold

* Available in a huge spectrum of colours and finishes

* Can be installed around other current surfaces

Resin Bonded 
A resin bonded surfacing system is a coloured two-part surface dressing adhesive that is designed to bind to natural aggregates. It is available in a variety of colours to suit any particular application. The finish is quick to install, attractive, and hard-wearing.

Resin bonded surfacing systems are designed to have the appearance of natural, loose stone, but are bonded. It can be applied to many different substrates, including concrete, wood or and steel.

The only downside is that over time, the stone will become loose.

Resin bonded paving is:

* Low maintenance

* Decorative

* Available in a range of colours and finishes

* Low cost

* Not permeable

When looking for the right surface for your home, make sure you research all of the options. Once you have decided on your surface, research companies that are proven to have delivered a good product and service and are registered with awarding or trade bodies. Ask for recommendations and read online reviews of the companies. If their websites have a case study section, make sure you read those too.

For added peace of mind, pick up the phone and speak to the companies, see what they advise for your surface, and if they can recommend any projects locally to go and visit.

Here is a great independent website that can help you find all of the information you will need when choosing the correct surface for you:  http://pavingexpert.com/

Now is the time to make a start, landscapers will have more time available and it will be installed ready for next Spring, all you’ll need to do next year is pot your bedding plants and bring out your furniture from winter storage and enjoy your garden!

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