• The Sureset Team

    Sureset Resin Systems boasts a dynamic and dedicated team at the forefront of innovative paving solutions. Our team is comprised of passionate individuals who are committed to transforming outdoor spaces with stunning and sustainable resin bound surfaces. With a shared vision of enhancing both the aesthetic and functional aspects of landscapes, our diverse group of professionals brings a wealth of expertise, creativity, and technical knowledge to every project we undertake. Together, we strive to redefine outdoor surfacing and provide our clients with unparalleled quality and excellence in all that we do. Allow us to introduce you to the remarkable individuals who make up the Sureset Resin Systems team, driving the evolution of outdoor spaces one resin bound surface at a time.
    Sureset Team
  • Peter Watts


    I started SureSet Permeable Paving in 1996 as a partnership with Kevin Weston, and we soon became a limited company in 1997. As one of the founding members of our company, I have, at some point, worked in every department over the years. As the company’s primary Founder, I chair a weekly meeting of the Directors and try to steer the company on a profitable course. Before my SureSet days, I was an Asphalt Technologist for Foster Yeomans, becoming their Technical Manager. Foster Yeomen’s is a quarrying company based in the Mendips.

    Peter Watts - Founder
  • Diane Crowther

    Finance & HR Director

    I joined SureSet in July 2005 in the Accounts Department. Since 2010, I’ve served as the Finance & HR Director, primarily focused on finance but also overseeing HR, admin, Technical, and Marketing Departments. Although I’ve embraced the challenge of diversifying my role, finance remains my comfort zone. Our Technical and Marketing Teams are helping me explore my creative side.

    Having been with SureSet for so long, I can hardly recall life before it. Originally from Yorkshire, I’ve been in Wiltshire since 2002, and my Yorkshire roots may not be obvious from my speech (contrary to what my colleagues might say 😊).

    Beyond work, I cherish time with family and friends and love going on walks with my two dogs.

    Diane Crowther - Finance & HR Director
  • Jim Newton

    Commercial Director

    I’ve been immersed in resin bound paving since leaving school, working in various roles from sample-making in 1997 to my current role as a Commercial Director, overseeing commercial and trade sales. Over the years, I’ve managed warehouse and onsite operations, ensuring top-quality installations of tens of thousands of square meters of resin bound paving.

    During my tenure as Technical Director, I introduced innovative products like SureCell base layer, Spectrum colour-coated glass, and achieved BBA accreditation for SureSet. I’ve executed and managed projects across the UK, Australia, Amsterdam, New Zealand, and the UAE, always taking immense pride in my work.

    Resin bound paving has become a significant part of my life, offering both aesthetically pleasing and durable surfaces while contributing to sustainable practices like SuDS compliance, reducing surface runoff, pollutants, and flooding issues in the UK.

    Outside of work, I’m an avid runner and swimmer. I’ve completed the London Marathon twice, a 100-mile bike ride around London, and participated in various 10k and half marathon events. My next endeavour is open-water swimming.

    Jim Newton - Commercial Director
  • Ben Shave

    Commercial Director

    I started at SureSet in 2004. During my time here, I have carried out several roles within the company and have been a Director since 2010. Some of my main roles within the company have been the Commercial and Technical Director. One of my early roles was as R&D Manager, overseeing all technical aspects of our product, including R&D and product testing. My current position as Commercial Director oversees our Technical, Marketing and Commercial Sales Teams. Before SureSet, I worked as a Greenkeeper for five years, but previously to being a Greenkeeper, I worked in a quarry dealing with specialised aggregates.
    Ben Shave - Commercial Director
  • Alasdair McMillan

    Head of Trade Sales

    My service at SureSet started in 2016 in the Warehouse Department, swiftly moving on to the Sales Department as a Network Support Officer. My role now as Head of Sales is to oversee my department, making sure it is effective as possible by supervising sales and liaising with our Approved Installers.
    Alasdair McMillan - Head of Trade Sales
  • Dave Shell

    Head of Commercial Sales

    I joined SureSet in 2012 as an Office Administrator; since then, I have moved onwards and upwards from the Head of the Technical to my current role as Head of Commercial Sales; I oversee all Sales and Operation Team functions that relate to our Supply and Lay service. Before SureSet, I spent 33 years in the communications industry.
    Dave Shell - Head of Commercial Sales
  • Yvonne Holloway

    Head of Marketing

    Having achieved A-levels in art, design and business development, my role started in 2004 as Sales Advisor, progressing to the position of Sales Team Leader, which led me to my most current role as Head of our Marketing Department, I have gained years of industry and technical knowledge for a product which is far from boring! My strong Passion for design and being naturally creative shows in my accomplishments for our Marketing Department over the last 15 years!
    Yvonne Holloway - Head of Marketing
  • Joni Withers

    Head of Global & Trade Marketing

    I joined the SureSet team as a Sales Advisor in 2008, moving to the Marketing and International Sales Manager role; the department then evolved into the Global Sales and Marketing Department, where we concentrated on growing our brand awareness worldwide and supporting our Global Partners, dealing with their enquires and quotes for new projects. My role now within the company is heading up the Trade & Global Marketing side of our Marketing Department. Before I joined SureSet, I worked as an Estate agent in Bradford on Avon, doing both sales and marketing.
    Joni Withers - Head of Global & Trade Marketing
  • Hayley Salmon

    Head of Technical

    I started my career at SureSet 14 Years ago. I have worked in most departments, from Project Coordinator, Marketing Assistant, Technical Coordinator, Head of the Warehouse and now Head of our Technical Department. The Technical Department provide technical services to both internal and external customers and includes technical advice to all our customers and people interested in using our resin bound paving, QA of all incoming and outgoing materials and a series of in-house and external testing and an ongoing R&D programme which designs and tests new product ranges.
    Hayley Salmon - Head of Technical
  • Josie Newton

    Head of Finance

    I have been with the company since 2019 and started as an Accounts Office Manager. My role has since changed, and I have since been made Head of Finance. My main role is to support Diane with the financial and HR side of the business and manage the Finance Department. My background is in Retail Management and Area Management, but I moved into a more HR-based focus with training in a CIPD; I am now working on further accounting training. In my free time I love spending time with my young family and our gorgeous Labrador called Milo.

    Josie Newton - Head of Finance
  • Jacqui Anslow

    Trade Sales Manager

    I joined the company in 2008 as a Regional Sales Manager, and over the years, my role has since evolved into Trade Sales Manager. My role in the materials-only sales department is to provide general sales support, advice, estimates and order processing for all SureSet customers, as well as maintain good communications, customer service and relationships with our Approved Installers. I have previous experience in administration, customer service and sales. Prior to joining SureSet I was a successful Estate Agent for 16 years.

    I regularly take long walks as I have an interest in nature, I often cycle to work and at the weekends I love rocking out to live music.

    Jacqui Anslow - Trade Sales Manager
  • Nick Pitcher

    Trade Sales Manager

    I started in 2018 as the Sales Administrator. My current job role at SureSet as Trade Sales Manager, involves finding new business and being a point of contact for our existing trade customers and Approved Installers, helping them with customer contacts and sample requests. Before joining SureSet, I had a variety of Sales Roles, including Chemist Retail, Advertising, Cable TV, and Furniture, and I now run a Sports Bar alongside my role at SureSet.

    Nick Pitcher - Trade Sales Manager
  • Georgia Roberts

    Sales Administrator

    I have worked for SureSet since November 2017. I originally started in Marketing as a Marketing Assistant, and then my job progressed to social media and doing more online items; since returning from maternity leave, I now work in the Sales Department, part-time, helping with online requests from customers. In previous jobs, I worked in holiday sales, hotels, and teaching swimming lessons. I have a few different qualifications, including Motor Vehicle, Hairdressing, and Personal Trainer. Basically, I love learning new skills and giving anything ago, but I am not sure what my next skill will be.

    Georgia Roberts - Sales Administrator
  • Emma Gass

    Commercial Sales Manager

    I started my career at SureSet as a Commercial Sales Administrator, after a few months the opportunity came available to transition into the role of Commercial sales manager. My role in the Sales Department is providing supply and install estimates to companies and residential properties while building up key relations with customers. I previously worked as a sales negotiator as an estate agent and later transitioned to the letting manager.
    Emma Gass - Commercial Sales Manager
  • Kristy Mills

    Sales Ledger Manager

    I have been with the company for 12 years, starting in 2008. I started as the Credit Control Manager and have now changed to the Sales Ledger Manager and covering HR admin duties. The main aspects of my job role are Accounts, Invoicing and Credit Control. My previous job role was in Insurance and Accounts.

    Kristy Mills - Sales Ledger Manager
  • Tina Lusty

    Purchase Ledger Manager

    I joined the accounts department at SureSet in 2009; my main role is as the company’s Purchase Ledger (I spend all the money) is to ensure the company spend is correct. I started working as a hairdresser and then worked for ten years in a school kitchen.

    Tina Lusty - Purchase Ledger Manager
  • Emma Dutton

    Commercial Sales Manager

    I’ve had the pleasure of wearing several hats at SureSet UK Ltd, currently holding the title of Commercial Sales Manager. It all began back in 2006 when I started off my journey as a Sales Administrator. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to work in various roles including Marketing Manager, Accounts Administrator, and Head of Sales, each adding another layer to my understanding of SureSet. After a brief break, I returned to SureSet in 2018 as an Accounts Administrator before returning to the Trade Sales department where I’ve spent the past 2.5 years as a Trade Sales Manager. Now, I’m thrilled to circle back to the Commercial Sales Department in my role as Commercial Sales Manager.

    Emma Dutton - Trade Sales Manager
  • Josh Crowther

    Head of Warehouse

    I have been with the company on and off since 2012, but I have been full-time since 2019. I have worked in most departments except for Technical, Marketing and Sales. I now run the warehouse team, liaising with the Commercial, Trade and Materials only departments, making sure that orders are completed on time whilst adhering to a strict quality standard. We also ensure excellent production of our recycled colour-coated glass, resin batching and DIY/Trade packs ready to dispatch. Something completely different, I have a degree in Geography, but this is my first full-time role; previously, I was a Sandwich artist for a well-known sandwich company.

    Josh Crowther - Head of Warehouse
  • Harry Gardiner

    Warehouse Team Leader

    I started at SureSet about five years ago. My main warehouse tasks are ensuring orders are packed and loaded correctly for our customers. Bagging and sorting vital stock, also batching up our resin for orders. My background before here was in the building industry as a bricklayer, and I also worked for Gripit.

    Harry Gardiner - Warehouse Operative
  • Sam Williams

    Trade and Logistics Manager

    I oversee the procurement and organisation of materials and inventory needed for various projects. Outside of work, I have a deep love for rock music, frequently attending festivals, and dedicating my free time to orchestrating music events at nearby pubs. Prior to my current role, I spent 15 years as an Assistant Warehouse Manager at Centre Parcs.

    Harry Gardiner - Warehouse Operative
  • Hugh Haines

    Project Manager

    I started originally back in 2012, and some of the positions I’ve held include Head of Business Development, Project Planner, Head of Operations and Warehouse to Head of Global and Trade Sales. I am now back by popular demand to fulfil the role of Project Manager in our growing Operations Department, primarily focusing on the Supply and Lay projects. I love my role at SureSet! – I get to deal with our expanding group of commercial customers and Global Partners, helping them to realise the benefits of using our resin bound paving in their projects and ensuring the finished product meets their high standards as well as our own. It allows me to have a varied workload and deal with a range of different customers! I have previously worked in a few sales and customer facing roles in both construction and IT, as well as spending some time working in Education supporting teenagers during their time in college. Outside of work I love to spend time with my family, compete in powerlifting, play a bit of rugby and used to do a lot of door work, all of which seem to have transferable skills which come to the fore every working day.

    Hugh Haines - Project Manager
  • Astra Coath

    QA, Office & Environmental Manager

    In 2016, I began my journey at SureSet as a temporary maternity cover, and from there, the story unfolds. At SureSet, my primary responsibility revolves around overseeing the ISO 9001 and 14001 audits to ensure our continued ISO compliance. Additionally, I handle contract management for our office services and coordinate the procurement of essential facilities. Prior to joining SureSet, I served as an Administrator at The Order of St John Care Trust’s, Wiltshire Head Office. In this role, I not only managed administrative tasks but also assumed the role of editor for the County’s newsletter and took charge of organising staff events. On a personal note, I hold a degree in illustration.

    Harry Gardiner - Warehouse Operative
  • Anne Shave

    Lab & QC Technician

    I became a part of SureSet in 2017 in the role of Laboratory Technician. My primary responsibilities involve crafting samples and panels for our customers and addressing inquiries. Additionally, I contribute to research and development initiatives for various departments and external organisations. My professional journey has been diverse, ranging from my academic background in Fashion and Textiles to my extensive experience as a Branch Manager at Clinton Cards for several years.

    Harry Gardiner - Warehouse Operative
  • Hannah Hobgen

    Commercial Sales Manager

    I’ve had a strong interest for business and administration, which is why I decided to pursue this field. My journey began in an administrative position at SureSet, and after a few months, an opportunity to transition into the role of a Commercial Manager presented itself. This current position has been an invaluable teacher, conveying me with a range of new skills, from leadership and project planning to enhancing my existing abilities. I thrive in a team environment, yet I’m equally skilled at independently managing and prioritising tasks to meet high standards. During my free time, you’ll often find me enjoying moments with my beloved dog or embarking on adventures to explore new countries!

    Harry Gardiner - Warehouse Operative
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