About SureSet

SureSet was established in 1997 by three work colleagues with knowledge of aggregate and resin technology, a passion for success and (at the time) a unique product to introduce to the paving industry. Confident in their product and with the research to back it up, homeowners were offered a Two-Year Guarantee, starting solely as an installation service company.

Peter Watts, Chairman of SureSet, comments: “Being made redundant was the best thing that happened to me; I was forced to set up the business with friends and colleagues in late 1996, and the rest is history! Due to my knowledge of the existing inferior products, I was convinced there was a market for decent-quality resin bound paving. The main struggle was convincing people to buy quality rather than the cheapest product, which is still apparent today.”

Commercial Resin Bound Paving

Hear the SureSet Story

In 1998 we expanded the business’s service from providing nationwide installations to homeowners for driveways and patios to larger commercial public realm projects.

Reaching five successful years in the industry, SureSet increased our guarantee to five years and launched small DIY Kits for keen homeowners to install resin paving themselves.

The residential market continued to grow for us, our marketing was working, and we were being heard; the increased level of interest in resin bound driveways meant we needed to create a network of installers across the UK to offer our installation services and meet the demand. In 2007 we introduced our Approved Installers Scheme and increased our guarantee to Seven Years!


The Growth of SureSet

Our scheme grew overseas, with our first international project completed in 2006, which led to further success in securing large commercial projects such as Expo 2020 in Dubai alongside our Global Partners HiSkin and Tanseeq. Not only is SureSet a well-known market leader in the UK, but we have also been lucky enough to work with some fantastic companies and organisations worldwide, resulting in great global success in places such as UAE, Kuwait, Qatar & Azerbaijan, all over Europe, including Italy, Malta, Greece, across Scandinavia, France, Spain, and the Netherlands, and further afield places such as New Zealand, Hong Kong, USA even the Falkland Islands!

As the commercial demand grew and the versatility of our products became more aware, architects and designers were keen to push their creative boundaries. We wanted to offer something that would allow even the most complex of designs to be brought to life – that is when we launched Spectrum Paving in 2007, and to further back our confidence in our resin system and its quality, we started to offer a 10-Year Guarantee.

As time passed, consumer buying habits changed, and in 2011, we wanted to evolve to offer an online shopping experience and created a small e-commerce website for our DIY market. This was the same year we leapt to a 15-Year Guarantee on all SureSet or Approved installations.

SureSets Evolution

Between 2012 and 2017, we focused on upgrading our manufacturing equipment and processes to meet the high demands on our installations and also to ensure we could continue to grow our e-commerce presence.

By 2018, we could guarantee our installations for a comprehensive 21 years; we also launched ProResin, opening the way for all driveway installers to use the same high-quality UV stable resin on their projects across the globe. The introduction of ProResin brought in a new way of working for SureSet. However, it has since been one of our most successful products. With our in-house pumping and batching systems, we can now offer our ProResin customers bespoke setups for their specific requirements.

Over 26 years, we have developed many products and services, completed many wonderful projects, and we look forward to many more exciting (sustainable-focused) developments in the years to come.

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