Why choose resin bound paving?

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Posted 17th May 2019 by Jim Newton


Why choose resin bound paving? Here are 10 good reasons:

In recent years, due to an increase in flooding and public awareness of flood prevention, the permeable resin bound paving market has grown considerably.

Unfortunately, as the demand for resin bound paving has grown so has the number of companies completing sub-standard installations. Frustratingly, this creates a bad reputation for a premium paving product that when installed correctly will last more than 25 years.

As it is a relatively new product, it’s one of only a few trades within the construction industry without a governing body or Trade Association of its own; and, apart from the Paving Expert website, there isn’t anywhere to go for independent advice about resin bound paving.

Nearly 22 years ago we revolutionised the concept of clear resin bound paving for external use, and our staff are still as passionate and excited about the product and its potential as Peter, Kevin and Michael were when they set up SureSet in 1997.

So here they are – 10 really good reasons to choose resin bound paving…

  1. It’s permeable: cold mixed on site using a process that ensures every particle of stone is completely covered in resin; forming a structurally stable 3D matrix. During the laying process, minute voids are created that allows water to drain through.
  2. It’s aesthetically pleasing: not only is it decorative, resin bound paving is sustainable, practical and versatile.
  3. It’s resistant to weather conditions: doesn’t soften in summer, freeze in winter or fade in sunlight.
  4. Its longevity: resin bound paving is a long lasting durable surface. While guarantees vary between 10 – 21 years, when properly installed and maintained, can last for more than 25 years.
  5. It requires minimal maintenance: there are no weeds to ‘weed’ or loose stone to sweep. A regular brush and occasional power wash will keep it looking as good as new.
  6. It provides natural filtration: as surface or rain water seeps through the sub-base a natural filtration takes place – reducing or removing impurities and pollutants caused by oils and metals.
  7. It reduces standing water (puddles): which in turn reduces surface water run-off and flash flooding.
  8. It’s SuDS compliant (Sustainable urban Drainage Systems): a water management system introduced by the Environment Agency to help manage flood risk and water quality.
  9. It reduces the ‘heat island’ effect: heat islands happen because hard surfaces, like asphalt and concrete, absorb and store heat. Permeable paving allows the soil underneath to breathe, which reduces surface temperatures and thereby the ‘heat island’ effect.
  10. No planning permission required: Since government legislation in 2008, planning permission is not required for areas less than 5m² or if the new surface is permeable.

In comparison to traditional paving options that…

  • Are impermeable
  • Have a more ‘industrial’ look
  • Are not weather resistant
  • Have a relatively short functional life
  • Require more maintenance
  • Create puddles and contribute to flash flooding
  • Are not SuDS compliant (a water management system introduced by the Environment Agency to help manage flood risk and water quality) and therefore require planning permission.
  • Retain heat and contribute to the ‘heat island’ effect.  

Resin bound paving is a popular alternative to traditional paving thanks to the many benefits over traditional gravel or paving stones.Resin bound paving is made up using naturally sourced aggregates from all over Europe blended with SureSet’s UV stable polyurethane resin which enhances and maintains the natural appearance of the aggregates. This makes it an attractive alternative that can be designed specifically to meet your needs. At SureSet we can offer different colour options for resin bound paving, which truly lets you choose the ideal colour and texture for your project.

Why is it unique?

There are many reasons why people prefer resin bound paving to other techniques of paving. Here are just a few:

  • It’s permeable: which means it’s fantastic in wet weather and doesn’t ‘puddle’.
  • It looks great: Resin bound paving can be tailored aesthetically to you home / business / driveway.
  • It is sustainable, practical and versatile: Resin bound paving suits a variety of surfaces and purposes.
  • It’s resistant to different weather conditions. For example, it won’t freeze in the winter, and it won’t fade under the summer sunshine.
  • It can last for more than 25 years – which means it’s long-lasting and great value for money.
  • It doesn’t need much care or maintenance.
  • It’s a level surface with no loose stones – this is particularly good for wheelchair and pushchairs.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to love SureSet Resin Bound Paving! As a paving choice it can make your life easier, and make your property more attractive – so it’s a win win scenario!

How is resin bound paving made?

The process is complex, and it’s one we have perfected here at SureSet.

We use a unique cold mixed process that ensures every particle of stone is completely covered in resin; forming a structurally stable 3D matrix. This mix of stones is made up of natural aggregate, marble or recycled materials.

One of the key parts to ensuring the strength and longevity of resin bound paving comes down to how tightly the stones are packed – whilst also ensuring that the surface has the tiny voids (which are key to making the surface permeable).

This system mixes the natural aggregate, marble or recycled materials and clear resin thoroughly together. It is during this process that we coat each one of these tiny stones in resin (every single one). Once this is complete the particles are laid immediately on the base, and smoothed into the flat, smooth surface resin bound paving is known for.

Once the surface has been laid, the finished depth could vary between 12mm and 24mm – depending on the size and type of stone used and the function of the surface too. For example driveways and public spaces (such as playgrounds) will require slightly different depth.

Did you know?

We offer a 21 Year Guarantee for our SureSet resin bound paving, when it has been installed by our Installation Team a SureSet Approved Installer or a SureSet Global Partner. We’re so confident in the quality of our product, that this guarantee covers you for:

  • Loose stone
  • Cracking
  • Oil damage
  • Softening
  • Colour change
  • Frost damage
  • Workmanship

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