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Whether your project is residential or commercial, SureSet has top-class paving ranges to meet your needs. In addition to natural aggregates, colourful rubber granules and other options, you’ll also find just about everything you need for installation.

Excellent Paving Products

At SureSet, we pride ourselves on offering a vibrant and versatile range of paving products that come with a 21-year guarantee. Choose from products such as our best-selling natural aggregate, luxury crushed or rounded marble sourced from Italy and Spain and recycled glass Spectrum in gorgeous colours.

Our paving ranges also include options such as our FlexiSet recycled rubber that is combined with natural aggregate, colourfully customisable Fusion range which uses coloured glass and/or stones to make a bespoke blend and our perfect playground rubber material PlayBound. If you would prefer an aggregate of recycled materials, you can take your pick from a range that includes 100% recycled glass, crushed mirrors, and the crushed shells of oysters and scallops.

Other paving products that SureSet is proud to offer include decorative loose glass chippings, aluminium and stainless-steel edging, vertical paving kits and installation options, there are step-paving options called StepRise, the SureCell sub-base system and resin-only ProResin.

Kits And Services

SureSet offers you a choice of installation options for our permeable resin paving products. If you prefer not to get your hands dirty, use our installation service. If yours is a residential project, the installation will be done by one of our fully Approved Installers or, if you live abroad, by one of our trusted Global Partners. Alternatively, use our DIY Kit, our DIYPack, or our PatioPack to install your pick of our paving ranges yourself.

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