Everyone benefits from an accessible pathway or ramp.

Not only does this – quite rightly – open an area up to everyone, it addresses everyday practical issues, from pushchairs and prams, children’s garden toys and moving garden furniture around to the job we all hate…putting the wheelie bin out!

The inclusion of ramps and accessible pathways, into landscape/garden designs, is becoming increasingly popular – which we believe can only be a good thing!

A resin bound ramp delivers the following benefits:

  • There’s no loose stone
  • It’s not slippery when wet
  • There is no rutting or cracking
  • It’s beautifully smooth
  • Easy to maintain – no weeding
  • It’s easy for ice to disperse
  • There are no puddles
  • It is a firm, stable, durable, surface

We strongly recommend checking current Building Regulations for the most up to date legal requirements.   

We also have a Blog about making gardens accessible which you may find useful.


“We are absolutely delighted with the new surface, with the wheelchair moving across it with ease. Importantly, the resin also stays on the drive and does not get transferred onto the tyres of the wheelchair; our son is now able to move freely outside and is able to independently access all areas of our property, which was always our main aim.” - Residential customer, North Mymms