Resin Bound Residential Access Ramps

Every home can benefit from an accessible pathway or ramp, making them an essential when designing your next project. Not only do disabled ramps for homes open up your space to wheelchair users or those who struggle to get up stairs, they’re also great for practical, everyday use.

From moving furniture in and out of your home to taking out the wheelie bin, access ramps for homes can have a wide range of uses. By including one in your build, you can create a freedom for all guests and make mobility far easier for everyone. 

Benefits of Resin Access Ramps for Homes


At SureSet, we manufacture and install resin bound ramps for new builds and refurbishments, making sure everyone can make the most of your space. By using our quality permeable resin, you’ll experience the following benefits:

  • There’s no loose stone
  • It’s not slippery when wet
  • There is no rutting or cracking
  • It’s beautifully smooth
  • It’s easy to maintain – no weeding
  • It’s easy for ice to disperse
  • There are no puddles
  • It is a firm, stable, durable, surface
  • It’s long-lasting

Our ramps put safety first, making sure wheelchairs won’t slide and feet won’t slip, even after icy conditions. The permeable resin allows for water on the surface to drain easily and filters it too, preventing water pollution in your neighbourhood. The natural, renewable materials used to make the resin are far more eco-friendly than man-made options, too, so you can do your bit for the planet whilst designing your next build.

We strongly recommend checking current Building Regulations for the most up to date legal requirements.   

Why Choose SureSet?


We’ve been a trusted supplier of permeable resin since 1997, so you can rely on us to always provide the best product and service based on many years of experience. We maintain a high standard of quality across our ramps whilst always keeping value for money a priority. We want our ramps to be available to everyone and our prices reflect that. Our services are quick, reliable, and we always make sure our clients are happy with our work. 

All of our ramps are backed by a 21 year guarantee, and we have the necessary certifications so you can be sure of their quality. 

Find out more about us and why we’re the team to provide your ramps.

If you’re interested in installing a resin residential ramp in your building, feel free to contact us for further information on 01985 841180 or send us a message

We also have a Blog about making gardens accessible which you may find useful.


“We are absolutely delighted with the new surface, with the wheelchair moving across it with ease. Importantly, the resin also stays on the drive and does not get transferred onto the tyres of the wheelchair; our son is now able to move freely outside and is able to independently access all areas of our property, which was always our main aim.” - Residential customer, North Mymms

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