How much does a resin bound driveway cost?

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Posted 8th September 2017 by Jim Newton


Resin bound paving is fast becoming the surface choice for upgrading existing or installing new driveways.

Its compliance with SuDS, and excellent good looks, makes it easy to understand why resin bound paving continues to rise in popularity.

It is extremely hard to estimate a cost per m² for a resin bound driveway because each project is completely unique. Generally, an average driveway project will cost from around £50-£70/per m².

The true cost of a resin bound driveway does depend on several things including:

  • The size and layout of the driveway
  • The choice of aggregate
  • The size of aggregate
  • The required depth
  • The existing surface the resin bound paving will be laid onto
  • What the edges the resin bound paving will be laid up to
  • Transport and labour costs

The size and layout of the driveway
Quite simply, the cost per m² reduces as the area increases. With regards to the layout, those with awkward or hard to access areas, require more time to ensure a smooth even finish, and so will take longer to install.

The choice and size of aggregate and depth required
Each colour of Natural Aggregate, recycled material or Marble are individually priced and available in sizes ranging from 3mm – 10mm.

For a driveway, we generally use a 6mm aggregate installed at a depth of 18mm, but this is dependant on its anticipated use.

The existing surface the resin bound paving will be laid on to
You will also need to take into account any preparation work, repairs, cleaning or levelling that might be required to the surface the resin bound paving will be laid on.

What the edges the resin bound paving will be laid up to
Resin bound paving needs to be laid up to a stable edge, such as a wall, bricks or slabs. If there isn’t an edge, one will have to be created. This can easily be done using aluminium edging – but is another cost consideration.

Labour and haulage
This will be different for every project and depends on the size of your project and where it is.

To summarise, while you can use £50-£70/per m² as a ball park figure, it really is best to get a proper quote from a fully qualified resin bound installer who will be able to advise you on all of the points raised above.

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