Driveways are not too small to improve

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Posted 9th August 2019 by Y Holloway


Thinking of updating your driveway?

On our commute home as the warm weather is approaching, we often take more notice of attractive homes and gardens around us, these leave us daydreaming of a welcoming home – what better way to enjoy coming home than to have a hassle free and easy to maintain driveway/front garden.

In recent years resin bound driveways have become a top choice for homeowners. It is a great innovation to traditional paving materials, providing an external surface that looks good all year round and is easy to maintain. Being a natural and porous product, the material is ideal for today’s environmentally conscious homeowner too.

With the choice of either a natural or marble materials, resin drives are made from a combination of crushed and sometimes rounded stones and make an ideal exterior surfacing for the front and back of your house, from small drives to patios as well as driveway extensions to large sweeping driveways.

With so many different styles of housing being built – we have kept variation in mind, with a large colour range.

No driveway is too small

Smaller driveways shouldn’t be disregarded for improvement, those that can fit one car on (approximately 30m²) are completely suitable for resin bound installations.

Once the base is prepared this size installation is easily completed in one day. Even small driveways can be introduced to a simple yet innovative idea such as defining a footpath running alongside the driveway to give the visitor a clear direct route to your front door.

  • Easy to maintain
  • Puddle free
  • Large colour choice

Large driveways offer the opportunity to create intricate and detailed designs within the surfacing such as your house number. They typically range in size from 250m². The permeable resin bound paving can be laid over existing or new concrete, tarmac or SureCell.

small driveway paving

small driveway paving








Installations are available Globally throughout the UK and Ireland.

All prices are approximate and based on a total area in m², resin bound prices are determined by colour, aggregate size and your location. If you are considering an upgrade to your driveway, please contact us for further advice on the base preparations and colour options.