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The aluminum spazzle serves as a versatile tool for leveling various loose materials, including tarmac, concrete, soil, and resin bound gravel. It plays a crucial role in achieving smooth surfaces by acting like a rake, allowing it to skim across the area and evenly distribute aggregates.


The Resin Bulldozer known as the Resin Bound Spazzle. Lightweight Design: Unlike traditional spazzles that are typically heavy and cumbersome, The Resin Bulldozer boasts a lightweight design, made from high quality aluminium.. This feature enhances maneuverability and agility, allowing installers a better resin bound installation. Versatility: The Resin Bulldozer offers versatility and has fully adjustable depth skis make leveling resin bound stone much easier, allowing operators to adapt the bulldozer for specific tasks, such as grading, leveling, and clearing. It also has the ability to be used two ways for double action that makes it ideal for a wide range of construction projects. Dimenions: with the main handle length of 1300mm and the alluminum head width at 600mm.