£21.41 ex VAT

What is included?

You will receive a 1kg/5kg/20kg keg of PourOn.  As a guide PourOn should be applied as 1kg/m² per coat.

  • For decorative areas, apply 1 coat
  • For residential footpaths, apply 2 coats
  • For heavier commercial/public pedestrian use, apply 3 coats

Applicator wand will be included with every 5kg and 20kg purchase.

Delivered within 2-3 working days. It is advisable to have materials delivered at least one day before your planned installation to avoid any unnecessary delays on site in the event of a late delivery.



Additional Information

PourOn gravel binder is a specialised liquid solution designed to easily enhance and stabilise loose gravel surfaces. When applied, it effectively binds individual gravel particles together, creating a solid and durable surface while maintaining the natural appearance of the gravel. This innovative product is commonly used for pathways and other outdoor areas where loose gravel can be troublesome. By minimising maintenance requirements and improving the overall characteristics of loose gravel surfaces, PourOn gravel binder offers an efficient and aesthetically pleasing solution for residential and commercial applications. Applicator wand is included with your purchase of 5kg and 20kg Kits.

Why use PourOn?

PourOn is a low-cost way to tidy up loose gravel and is easy to use. Tools you may need: Plastic coated tape and Plastic Sheeting, Rake, PPE, Trowel, Tape measure, White Spirit or Tool Clean (supplied by SureSet)
  • Stabilise loose stone
  • Comes in convenient sizes
  • Use with any gravel colours
  • Easy to Pour
  • Cost-effective
  • Permeable
  • Durable
  • UV stable
  • Low maintenance

How to use PourOn?

Full instructions are provided. Here’s an overview of the process.
  • Prepare the area and ensure the loose gravel is dry, level, and debris-free. Protect the edges and surrounding areas.
  • Pour the gravel binder solution into your watering can and attach the applicator bar (ensure to adjust to the correct length).
  • Move steadily, allowing the resin to ‘shower’ over the gravel.
  • Trowel After the first pour, before it has cured, the surface can be smoothed off with a trowel to achieve a smooth finish.
  • Cure, leave to dry overnight and secure the area to avoid accidental footprints, etc. A second coat should be applied the following day.
  • Cast Some gravels can become slippery after the resin is applied. To avoid this, fine, dry sand can be cast over the resin on the final coat before it dries to create a more slip-resistant finish. (This is available from SureSet.)
  • Finish Protect the gravel from moisture, animals and people for at least 24 hours. Before allowing access, check the gravel for tacky spots. If you find any dry spots, apply more PourOn in localised areas following the above steps. Clean all tools using Tool Clean.

Materials supplied as PourOn, a DIY Kit, Trade or DIY Pack are not covered under the SureSet 21-year Guarantee.