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PourOn is a Resin Only product.   An ideal product for landscaping features where it is not cost or time efficient to dig and remove the existing surface.

Each PourOn Kit contains enough specially formulated UV stable polyurethane resin to pour onto your existing loose aggregate.

It offers a cheaper, easier way to create a tidy, permeable surface yourself.

Designed to hold in place loose 10mm – 20mm sized aggregates.

What is included?

Weighed clear polyurethane resin to cover a minimum area of 5m².

Full instructions.

An empty bucket to dispense the resin.

Disposable gloves.

x1 4mm diameter drill bit.

A self adhesive template for hole drilling.

UK Mainland Delivery.

We endeavour to deliver within 3- 5 working days for all PourOn Kits. It is advisable where possible to have materials delivered at least one day in advance of your planned installation to avoid any unnecessary delays on site in the event of a late delivery.

Why use PourOn?

  • Easy to use
  • Environmentally friendly
  • The perfect way to stop loose aggregate straying into other areas
  • Can be used with existing or fresh aggregate
  • Permeable finish
  • Create a tidy, easy to maintain surface
  • Available in set weights
  • Delivered

We will guide you through the process of preparation and application; providing full instructions, recommendations, and training if required.

*not suitable for vehicular use  *for the best results use light aggregates

How to use PourOn

The application is easy – simply pour evenly onto the loose aggregate using a bucket and hand trowel the surface to a smooth finish.

  1. Prepare area to ensure the aggregate is dry, level and free of any debris, mark out your spread rates
  2. Protect the edges and surrounding areas
  3. Using a clean bucket with 4mm holes drilled into the bottom to pour the resin into
  4. Lift the buckets to allow the resin to drain onto the loose aggregate evenly (refer to coverage rates)
  5. Trowel by hand to a smooth finish or rake if needed.
  6. Cure, leave to dry overnight and apply additional coats as required.



1.0kg/m² for decorative areas

2.0kg/m² for footpaths

3.4kg/m² for areas of the footpath which cars may pass over

Pack sizes

5kg pack size

5m² for decorative areas

2.5m² for footpaths

1.4m² for areas of the footpath which cars may pass over


10kg pack size

10m² for decorative areas

5m² for footpaths

2.8m² for areas of the footpath which cars may pass over


20kg pack size

20m² for decorative areas

10m² for footpaths

5.6m² for areas of the footpath which cars may pass over


How to use PourOn…

We will guide you through the process of preparation and application; providing full instructions, recommendations and training if required.

1. Ensure your aggregate is dry and free from debris.

2. Rake the loose aggregate so it’s level.

Protect the surrounding areas.

3. Protect the surrounding areas with tape.









4. Drill holes into the spare bucket this will be used to dispense the resin.

5. Pour the resin into the pre-drilled bucket.

6. Slowly walk around the area in question, to apply PourOn, hover the bucket over the loose aggregate.











What type of aggregate can be used with PourOn?

Any aggregate over 10mm can be used as long as it is clean and dry before application.
We can supply a large range of gravels in a variety of colours.

Can PourOn be used on a driveway?

Using 2-3 layers will provide a surface that is suitable for light vehicle use, but it will not offer longevity and care should be taken to avoid any on-the-spot steering. Hence *not suitable for most vehicular use.

How long will PourOn last?

Dependant on usage and application, research has shown that PourOn can last for 10 years.

Is PourOn hazardous to the environment?

PourOn is a completely inert material once cured, with no negative impact to surrounding areas.
Due to the porous nature of the finish, the PourOn binder actually benefits the environment by providing a SUDs compliant surface.

Can you mix PourOn into the aggregate before laying?

PourOn can be mixed into aggregate, however, it would be more efficient to us a SureSet Resin Bound DIY kit if you are considering this method of application to give maximum durability.

For more information email [email protected]

If you would like to purchase products for delivery outside the UK, please contact us directly at [email protected] so we can arrange this for you.

PourOn is not covered under the SureSet 21-year Guarantee.


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