Why A Great Driveway Is Important

With driveways not exactly being the most exciting feature of a property, many homeowners don’t give them much thought – and that can be to the detriment of their home.

Best impressions driveways do more than make a striking visual impact. They can also add value to properties and, depending on the materials they’re paved with, they can contribute to the fight against urban flooding. Read on to learn more about the importance of a great driveway.

Make A Good Impression

Kerbside appeal is one of the reasons a good driveway is important for your home. As your drive provides access to your property, it’s the first thing visitors and passers-by see.

We’ve all seen messy driveways in poor condition that have made us wonder whether the rest of the property is in equally bad condition. Likewise, we’ve all seen great driveways that warranted a double-take. Driveways paved with SureSet permeable do exactly what it says on the tin – they make the best impression on the people who see them. If the driveway looks that good, imagine what the rest of the house and garden must look like!

Increase Your Property Value

According to a Just Do Property blog, a Porcelain Superstore survey found that said they would not purchase a house that did not have a driveway or off-street parking. Safety is one reason for this. There’s less chance of your vehicle being damaged by passing vehicles (or mischievous passers-by) when it’s parked in your property. You also should find that you pay lower insurance premiums for your vehicle when you have off-street parking.

Another reason is that prospective home buyers generally look for properties on which they do not need to spend a great deal of time and money on bringing it up to standard.

The blog also answered the question, “How much value does a driveway add to a house?” And the answer is surprising. A great driveway can increase the value of your property by as much as 10%. Best impressions driveways are beautiful, value-adding, and, as we’ll see below, functional.

Enhanced Functionality

A great driveway does more than create a good first impression. It provides a route from the street to your garage or carport, a parking space for vehicles, and even an area on which your children can play.

Obviously, being a multi-use space that you’re likely to use on a daily basis means the surface must be robust and easy to maintain. The size of the driveway also must be large enough to accommodate the vehicles that will use it and to allow people to move about with relative ease when vehicles are parked on it. Does a new driveway add value to a house? Absolutely – and, as you can see, that additional value is not limited to finances.

Easy To Maintain

Driveways should be easy to maintain. After all, who wants to spend a hefty chunk of their spare time weeding, scrubbing, or hosing down the driveway when there are 101 other things that demand attention?

With SureSet, you get a great driveway that not only is robust but easy to maintain. Weeds and moss should never be a problem once you’ve installed a permeable resin-bound driveway. When it comes to keeping your driveway clean, all you need to do is to sweep it regularly and to give it the occasional wash with a high-pressure hose.

SuDS Compliance And The Urban Flooding Fight

If you choose SureSet permeable resin bound paving to re-do or create a great driveway, you get the benefit of not needing to apply for planning permission. Thanks to SuDS compliance, you can go ahead and install the paving.

Not having to face the hassle of applying for permission from your local council’s only part of the story. The reason for emphasising the importance of permeable paving is that it can help prevent urban flooding.

According to the Pitt Review, more than two thirds of the 57,000 homes affected by the summer 2007 floods were , and not by overflowing rivers. Paved with SureSet, your best impression driveway could benefit the wider community.

A Sense Of Personal Pride

When you have a great driveway, your sense of personal pride will be reinforced every time you leave your home and return to it. You’ll feel proud to call your house your home. A person’s home is their castle, after all!

SureSet Driveways To Inspire You

Here are a few best impressions driveways created with SureSet to inspire you:

Warminster – A resident previously used a contractor to install a resin-bound driveway, which failed, leaving loose aggregate on the surface. A SureSet-approved contractor came to the rescue and laid a using our Milk Chocolate aggregate and good-quality resin over the base of tarmac and old resin-bound paving. The result speaks for itself.

Cuffley – A rural driveway installed by an unapproved contractor became a nightmare for a property owner when potholes formed, stones ravelled and loosened, and resin became stained. The property’s garden paths also looked tired and in need of rejuvenation. Enter a SureSet-approved contractor, who used our resin and Winter Bronze aggregate to .

Knutsford – Homeowners approached a SureSet-approved installer after installing a driveway using an inferior product. The driveway surface cracked, and the resin yellowed, leaving an unsightly mess. Our approved installer used Barley Butter aggregate and our superior resin to install what the homeowners had wanted in the first place – .

Roussillon, France – A beautiful villa in a picturesque French heritage village needed a great driveway worthy of the location. We created a new blend of marble aggregate named Provence for the and covered parking area. Our global partner HiSkin installed SureSet permeable resin-bound paving on a base filled in with gravel for load-bearing strength, full water drainage, and a stunning finish.

Points To Remember

A great driveway:

  • Adds kerbside appeal to your property
  • Can increase your property value by as much as 10%
  • Provides parking, a sure footing, and a place for the kids to play
  • Offers drainage for rainwater and snowmelt when paved with SureSet permeable paving
  • Is easy to maintain
  • Does not require planning permission when paved with permeable resin-bound paving
  • Increases your sense of pride in your property

With so many advantages, a driveway paved with SureSet is the way to go. today for more information about installing a new driveway or upgrading your existing one.

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