Resin Bound Aggregates: What you Need to Know

If you’re looking to invest in resin bound paving, you’ll want to know more about the process and what materials, techniques and processes we use to make this the best choice out there for you.

Resin bound paving is a technique used primarily for outdoor surfaces, perfect for driveways, and playgrounds. Because of the innovation in the industry - resin bound paving is more popular than ever before.

Resin bound driveways are often the number one thing most homeowners would like to add to their home - as it gives the front of the property so much more curb appeal, and also has many beneficial features that make living with the resin bound paving easy, simple and fuss free (especially over other types of paving or surfacing). Resin bound paving is permeable (with a sustainable drainage system), practical and long-lasting, is UV stable and not affected by freeze thaw process.

A bespoke paving choice for your environment

For people who want their driveway to be part of their home, and compliment the exterior of their - resin bound paving is an ideal choice as you can personalise the colours and textures of your aggregate material to ensure the colour of your driveway matches the aesthetic you’re aiming for in your exterior space. The aggregate material is essentially the stones and gravel that is bound together with the resin. It is the aggregate material that gives your driveway, or surface, the appearance, colour and texture that you want.

Why choosing the right aggregate is important

When it comes time to choose your driveway, and the specifics, the aggregate you choose will make an impact on your final look, and the final price. Whilst the aggregates work the same, and require the scatter-coat method of installation - the choice of colour and texture will impact how your surface looks, feels and fits in with the surrounding environment. The aggregate you choose will also affect the price too - as different colours and textures come in with different price points.

We have a huge range of natural and recycled aggregate colours and textures to choose from and you can even create a resin bound driveway that perfectly fits in with your home. Aggregate colour options can range from dark, to natural or even grey. There are plenty of choices to fit your project. Aggregate sizes range from under a millimetre to 10mm. Most homeowners opt for a mid-size aggregate, but your choice will depend on what look you’re after, and we can help you make this decision.

In this post we’ll talk more about the different options available and the benefits of them.

Choosing the right aggregate for your project

There are the different kinds of aggregates we can offer, and how they may look and feel in your finished environment.

Natural Aggregates

Our natural aggregate paving is probably our most popular product; as it provides the widest range of functional and aesthetically pleasing options of our permeable resin bound paving. The natural aggregate colour choices are also available in different sizes and textures too - giving you ultimate flexibility for the design of your finished driveway.  The colour choice in this range of aggregates vary from rich golden browns (found in our Butterscotch colour-way) to mellow shades of honey (in our Golden Pearl colour-way) to crisp whites (our Apollo colour-way) and modern charcoal (in our midnight colour-way).

The choice is yours, and we’re confident you’ll find the variety of colours and textures we offer inspiring and exciting. Choosing your aggregate is certainly one of the most exciting parts about choosing your surface - and we’re here to help if you need advice or samples.

Marble aggregates

Another choice of aggregates we offer, is a specially selected range of luxurious marbles (these can come in crushed texture or rounded textures). These beautiful aggregates offer an elegant and timeless look. Marble has always been known as a beautiful and luxurious paving option, and this technique gives you the beauty of marble, with the flexibility and longevity of resin bound paving.

There are many colours available in this set of aggregate materials, including the unique Forest Green and Sterling Forest, and the classically timeless Winter Frost and Astro Dusk.

Our timeless Luxury Crushed Marbles are available in a choice of textures and stone sizes and suitable for vehicular use. The overall finished look is distinctive, eye-catching and wonderfully decorative too. The marble we choose for our resin bound paving is sourced from carefully selected quarries in Spain and Italy.

Recycled Materials

Our recycled range of aggregates is a purely decorative range, that offers you the chance to create gentle, unique designs using recycled materials. This is a fantastic way to make part of your outdoor space both beautiful and eco friendly.

This range is put together using either waste or by-products which can include crushed mirrors, 100% recycled glass and crushed shells (oysters, lobsters, crabs and scallops). The effect is a beautiful surface that is unique and eco-friendly too. If you have a recycled product you wish to use, please get in touch, we are always happy to test new innovative eco paving ideas.

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