Resin Bound Commercial Roof Gardens

Until recently, all that was expected from a roof was for it to protect a building from the elements.

But times have changed and so has the role of the roof – rooftop areas, including podium decks are now considered a valuable, useable space that can replace habitats, enhance biodiversity and provide important green spaces where none exist.

There is a variety of green roof systems, all have their own benefits that cater for different requirements. We are not experts, so recommend you go to a specialist such as Sky Gardens Green Solutions for advice about which green roof will work best for you.

Why are roof gardens becoming more popular?

With space at a premium especially in cities, gardens or public green spaces are diminishing. The advantages of a roof garden are two-fold – they look good and they do good.

Even in a city, most rooftop gardens offer a great view and provide a small oasis of calm away from the hustle and bustle below.

Apart from looking good, a green roof insulates the building. But as well as protecting it from the heat of summer and keeping the warmth in during winter, a roof garden brings other benefits such as:

  • Improving air quality and reducing the Heat Island Effect
  • Reducing/slowing down water run-off
  • Filtering pollutants from rainfall

Why choose SureSet for a roof garden?

Water management is a requirement for many new builds and green roofs assist in making the roof look good whilst managing the issues of urban drainage.   Rainwater collection or attenuation systems, which can hold or disperse water over prolonged periods of time decrease the strain on drainage in urban areas. These can be easily incorporated and even hidden within in the green roof.

SureSet permeable paving helps with the efficient disposal of rainwater by allowing run-off to permeate through the surface to be collected by a water attenuation or collection system.


“I would highly recommend SureSet. From my initial enquiry with the office staff through to the guys who undertook the final installation. All very professional; which is hard to find these days.” - South Derbyshire District Council

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