Public Realm Resin Paving for Historic Town in Italy

HiSkin were asked to provide a concrete flooring with exposed gravel in order to pave Piazza Malatesta, the main square within the historic centre of Rimini, for an area of 2200 m².


The proposal

It was an ambitious project, among many great national projects of culture in Italy, for that reason HiSkin was keen to propose alternative paving to change the client’s mind and consider resin bound flooring. Thanks to resin bounds’ exceptional technical characteristics, HiSkin could guarantee safety and durability over time with a SureSets resin system. Furthermore being able to provide flexibility for the choice of colour and grain/stone size met their client’s demanding aesthetic requirement too!


Resin bound characteristics

SureSet resin systems are quality assured and certified. Every SureSet project is backed by a comprehensive 21 year guarantee, providing assurance against

  •         loose stones
  •         cracking
  •         oil damage
  •         UV degradation
  •         colour change
  •         frost damage
  •         and workmanship (when installed by an Approved Installer or Global Partner).


Alessandro Brugnoli, Engineer and Site Manager:

“We are glad to have chosen Hiskin for this important project for the city. I appreciated its well-skilled team and the ability to fulfil our requirements. Resin bound flooring is an amazing material and it gave us the opportunity to turn a square into a “living room” of beauty and at the same time into an urban space open to visitors and public events in total safety thanks to non-slip and resistant surface. I recommend Hiskin and in the future, I hope to have the chance to work together on other projects”.


Positive environmental impact

Resin bound flooring had a very positive environmental impact because of its aesthetic and functional benefits, both essential for our customer.

The process

They went through several steps for the choice of colour. After several positive communications with the clients and various ad hoc samples with a mix of different aggregates, the client decided on a well-balanced combination of luxury marbles, which matched the colour of the surrounding city buildings and the valuable architectural context of the historic square.

For the central part of the square, its focal point, another shade of material colour was chosen, with a chromatic detachment, that emphasised the installation of the large circular bench, from which started a series of luminous circles that follow an elaborate the cleverly designed lighting feature.


The resin bound installation

Using a locally sourced stone and marbles approximately 6mm in size that were then combined with SureSets ProResin, the resin bound materials were cold mixed on location.


The typical depth for resin bound in a public realm location like this would be an 18mm depth however there are many deciding factors on depths and should always be discussed with the representing company.


For large areas, the mechanical float was used to ensure minimal disruption to the public.


The completed resin bound project

The project was received well and mentioned on the City of Rimini Social networks ‘Il Resto del Carlino’ as well as in Rimini’s local news.

As you can see from the photos (before, during, and after installation) give a good representation of how big a resin bound project was, logistically a challenge with any public realm installation but HiSkin continued to show excellent communication throughout.


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HiSkin is a SureSet Global Partner, we have been working together since 2016 and they are an outstanding company always advancing their services and are known for providing innovative and high-quality and performing flooring options offered to landscape architects in Italy.



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