What is the best surface for a pool surround?

Discover the best surface for your pool surround  

If you have a swimming pool, the space around it will be where everyone socialises and, just like your home, it will define your (and your pools) personality and style.

So if you are thinking of installing a pool or upgrading what you have already, you’ll be looking for a pool surround that is not just functional and practical but attractive and versatile.

Just a few years ago there was very little choice when it came to pool surrounds and they mostly all looked the same. There’s now a huge choice of manmade and natural materials options to choose from – which leaves you with the opposite problem of what to choose!

They all come with their own positives (and sometimes negatives) and you need to decide what is most important to you and your lifestyle. Does your pool surround need to be…

  • Non-slip
  • One that stays cool
  • Smooth and accessible
  • Permeable
  • UV stable
  • Easy to clean
  • Colourful

Here’s a - hopefully helpful - brief rundown of the most popular pool surrounds at the moment…

Concrete overlay
A concrete overlay pool deck provides a slip-resistant surface that can replicate traditionally expensive materials such as slate, stone and wood. It can applied to most sound concrete surfaces to add colour, texture and slip resistance in styles and designs to suit all personalities.

Wood composite plastic
Unlike natural wood, this pool surround will not splinter, warp or fade. Another benefit is that it requires minimal maintenance and won’t get slippery. Made from recycled materials, wood composite plastic does not require painting, sealing, staining or waterproofing.

Paving slabs
Slabs come in a range of materials from a more cost effective concrete right through to the luxury of marble. Concrete and natural stone slabs are quite rough on bare feet and can be damaged if exposed to chlorinated water in freezing temperatures. Marble and other types of natural stone, while look amazing, are not easy to maintain and can be slippery.

You can create your own look by using tiles to create a pattern or design to your to your pool. If well maintained, tiles will last a long time and withstand natural elements. The most popular tile is non-slip ceramic and porcelain which are available in a range of colours and finishes to create a natural look for your pool surround.

Artificial grass
Providing a realistic appearance without the mud, mess or the mowing, artificial grass can tolerate water splashes and salt/chlorine content. A soft cushioned base can be applied to provide protection from falls and you might be surprised to know that artificial grass is available in many colours, including pink!  

Resin bound
 delivers a smooth, foot friendly non-slip surface that can be installed with either a permeable or a sealed finish. Available in a choice of colours and textures that make it suitable for all types of homes and lifestyles, if maintained correctly, resin bound paving has an expected life span of more than 25 years. You can make your pool surround totally unique by including designs and patterns.

  • Resin bound paving is becoming an increasingly popular choice for pool surrounds, and here’s a few reasons why…
  • Resin bound paving can be laid over many existing surfaces making it a quick, easy way to revitalise your pool surround.
  • Its versatility to include designs, words or even a theme.
  • You can camouflage unsightly drains and filters for a seamless look to your pool surround.
  • Its flexibility makes it ideal for building in ramps to improve access for pushchairs, bicycles, wheelchairs and garden toys.
  • You can include lights into your pool surround or use a combination of colours and/or textures to divide or define specific areas.

Sounds impressive, right? Jonathon Dunlop thinks so.  and find out what he had to say about his resin bound pool surround.  

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