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Posted 20th January 2020 by Anne Shave


From physical and practical skills to office-based product knowledge, SureSet has over 250 years of combined experience, and that’s excluding all our Approved and Elite Approved Installers… imagine what that would be!

SureSet was started in 1996 and became a limited company in 1997 as a co-venture by its founding fathers Peter Watts , Kevin Weston, and Mike Newton, at this point in time there was no such thing as Permeable Resin Bound Paving if you wanted a smart-looking driveway or patio you were more likely to choose Resin Bonded, Tarmac or block paving slabs as your finished product.

Fast forward 21 years to an ever-growing competitive industry…with more companies and products than ever before.

Within SureSet there is a vast amount of technical and Resin Bound knowledge to draw on. From quality control, product development and Asphalt Technologist is just some of the experience that the company can draw upon. One Company Director has been with the company since leaving school and has worked in almost all parts of the business, from making samples to now being the Commercial Director overseeing the Sales and Marketing Department, other members of staff who have been in more than one department and shared their knowledge feel that this has been beneficial in helping others around them by getting a new understanding of the product.

New technologies have had a huge impact on our business and our company. The SureSet Technical Department has embraced these new ideas and concepts helping to introduce new products such as our SureCell base layer, Our SureSet colour coated glass range called Spectrum and its sister range Fusion, and now our Pour-On System, not excluding the new blends, finishes, and techniques designed to minimise waste in our environment.




Within the ever-expanding resin bound industry, growth has now come from new areas across the globe. A new dedicated team of Trade, Global Sales and Marketing has pushed SureSet to new heights adding new Global Partners to the ranks of our existing UK Approved Installers, as this continues to grow as will our knowledge and experience which we are only too happy to share.






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