Tree Pit TradePack®

A SureSet resin bound tree pit is a low maintenance, elegant alternative to unattractive metal grilles.  

The technology behind SureSet maximises the voids between particles of stone, which allows water to reach the roots of the tree and provides protection and durability with the flexibility for tree growth.    

Designed for you to use on your own project, our resin bound paving is now available in a Tree Pit TradePack.  

One Tree Pit TradePack provides a sufficient quantity of SureSet aggregate and resin to install a 10m² area at a depth of 40mm.  

Tree Pit TradePacks are delivered with full mixing and installation instructions, a 40 litre bucket, paddle mixer (240v) and paddle attachment.

*Conditional upon…a minimum order quantity of 1 standard TradePack *1 per customer *1 per order.

  • Permeable     Tree Pit TradePack
  • Durable     
  • UV stable     
  • Breathable     
  • Low maintenance     
  • No loose stone
Price List: (including delivery, excluding VAT) 10mm Chestnut 10mm Sterling 10mm   Barley Beach


10mm Norwegian Pearl

1 X TradePack (10m²) £725.00 £800.00 £850.00 £950.00
2 X TradePack (20m²) £1,348.50 £1,488.00 £1,581.00 £1,767.00
3 X TradePack (30m²) £1,957.50 £2,160.00 £2,295.00 £2,565.00
4 X TradePack (40m²) £2,552.00 £2,816.00 £2,992.00 £3,344.00

Delivery to UK mainland only



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