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Aimed towards experienced tradesmen within the Resin Bound Profession.

Have you laid a Resin Bound project in the past but found flaws with inferior systems?

Maybe you’ve worked with Resin Bonded Paving and want to broaden your skills set, branching into Resin Bound?

Perhaps you want to expand the services offered by your company?

Look no further, here’s all the information you need to take that next step:

Experienced resin users can purchase our highly regarded and proven system to use with a forced action mixer on their own projects.
Alternatively, if you don’t have any experience but still wish to broaden your company’s knowledge base and the services that you can offer, training is also available when considering the below options.

  1. TradePack, similar to our standard DIYPack which consists of the exact resin and aggregate blend required to cover the area in m² required but designed only to be used with a forced action mixer which are commonly used within the resin bound trade. We would recommend a Baron Mixer.
  2. ProResin, a 3-part resin only system, to use with your own aggregates to complete resin bound installations. We are able to suggest blends & suppliers for you if you are not confident in using your own. SureSet ProResin is our 3-part resin for use in forced action mixers by skilled and experienced tradesmen only; this ensures the consistent and even mix of resin and aggregate required to deliver a smooth, permeable surface giving the end user a superb finish using a high-quality product designed to last longer than the majority of alternative systems available.

TradePack and ProResin are formulated in-house ensuring the highest quality is assured. In business since 1997, our Directors have continually invested in a variety of ways to research and consistently produce formulations of a very high standard. They embarked on an innovative approach to selecting and designing materials to ensure the best possible performance and durability is supplied to our customers.

SureSet TradePack and ProResin products are not covered by the SureSet 21 year Guarantee.

Why SureSet

When first established, SureSet permeable paving was unique in its approach to resin bound gravel. But now, due to an increase in flooding and public awareness of flood prevention, the permeable paving market is bigger than ever before. If you are asking yourself why SureSet? Here’s a few reasons why we remain one of the market leaders in the resin bound paving industry:

  • We specialise exclusively in permeable resin bound paving
  • We formulate a proven resin formula, designed and manufactured in-house
  • We are committed to providing customers with a solution for your specific needs using exceptional products that offer value
  • We only sell UV stable polyurethane resin that is crystal clear and is 3-part chemically curing to enable a controllable curing time

Inferior systems are not designed to last, Epoxy resins are more brittle and are prone to cracking, non-UV resins will in time turn yellow as a result of the sunlight.

In summary, SureSet is able to assist with all of your requirements for Resin Bound Paving.
For more information on our Training course email [email protected]
For more information on ProResin click here.
For more information on TradePack click here.

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