If you are looking for a more rustic, natural finish for your resin bound surface why not consider FlexiSet?  


Made from 50% recycled rubber, 50% 6mm natural aggregate and our unique resin formula, FlexiSet delivers all the usual environmental benefits associated with SureSet.  

The countrified look and inherent flexibility of FlexiSet makes it ideal for:  

  • Woodland trails
  • Jogging paths
  • Pedestrian areas
  • Cycle tracks
  • Equestrian centres
  • Drainage channels
  • Golf courses
  • Roof gardens
  • Tree pits
  • Boat decks

Please note that FlexiSet is suitable for pedestrian use only.  

Why choose FlexiSet?  

  • It's economicalFlexiSet base build up
  • It's environmentally friendly
  • It's lightweight
  • It's flexible
  • It's permeable  

Suitable bases include concrete, asphalt, well-compacted stone and SureCell.

Made from shredded bus and truck tyres, the recycled rubber itself is black, but by adding natural aggregate to the mix we can bring colour to the surface. See our full range of colours.