Resin Bound Residential Garden Paving

Whether you are a green-fingered enthusiast with a passion for plants or you are looking for ways to extend your living space, SureSet garden paving will help you create a garden to complement your lifestyle.

The versatility of SureSet garden paving makes it suitable for whole landscape areas or features within a landscape design. Formal to modern, our huge range of colour and texture options will help you create a truly unique garden design.

More and more people are choosing SureSet garden paving and here are some reasons why…

Resin bound paving is our speciality

Since 1997 we have been specialising exclusively in permeable resin bound paving and installing pathways, patios, steps, pool surrounds and driveways for domestic customers across the world.

We’re environmentally friendly

Compliant with SuDS, the permeability of SureSet garden paving reduces problems caused by surface water run-off provides a wide range of safety, comfort and maintenance benefits including reducing puddles and weeds, and of course – there is no loose stone.

Our choice of colours and textures

We offer a huge range of colours. From subtle, traditional blends for a natural finish to vibrant primary colours for eye-catching designs. We have something to suit every style of garden.

Long lasting and easy to clean, SureSet resin bound gravel only needs periodic sweeping and occasional power washing to keep it looking as good as new.

Our 21 year guarantee

All SureSet installations come with our 21 year guarantee against loose stone; cracking; oil damage; UV degradation; colour change and frost damage.

Do you want to lay it yourself? 

The green fingered among us will already know that gardens and meditation go hand in hand. Focusing on the repetitiveness of seemingly mundane jobs like weeding or dead-heading flowers has the power to lift us up and calm us down.

But you don’t have to be a gardener to create your own calming place where you can sit and reflect – you can achieve this with some thought and clever design, and we can help…

With the right amount of specially formulated resin and aggregate to complete ½m² to a depth of 16mm, our DIY kit is ideal for small projects or intricate feature work.

Designed for experienced tradesmen, our TradePack® draws on the benefits of our resin bound paving technology. Each TradePack contains 6mm sized bagged, natural aggregate and resin sufficient to install an area of 30m² at a 16mm depth. Each TradePack comes with a 40 litre bucket and paddle whisk attachment (drill not included).

Ready to find out more?  

You can download information about bases, maintenance and how to measure areas on the right of this page or read some case studies.


“The beach has brought light into our previously dark and uninspiring garden. Providing hot drinks during the day was the least I could do, everyone worked so hard and so skilfully, I was really impressed. Patti and I think you've all done an excellent job and we're very pleased with the result. Thanks very much.” - Nick, home owner

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