Your SureSet permeable paving installations will be carried out by either our specialist Installation Team or one of our Approved Installers to whom we supply materials and resin too.

Our Operations Team will handle all of the arrangements for your installation; supporting you through the process and doing all they can to make everything as easy as possible for you. 

We are a partner of the NBS (National Building Specification) and have our products in the National BIM Library

SureSet permeable paving can be laid over both new and existing surfaces including:

  • Grid structures - such as SureCell®, our own 100% recycled plastic permeable sub-base which is laid directly onto compacted stone and in-filled with gravel     
  • Crushed rock – suitable for areas of low pedestrian traffic with no vehicular access      
  • Asphalt - SureSet resin bound paving can be laid directly onto an existing asphalt surface or newly installed asphalt once it has cooled     
  • Concrete - existing concrete will need to be thoroughly cleaned and primed. A minimum of seven days is recommended before installing SureSet permeable paving on to new concrete.  

Weather conditions

Our Operations Team will plan your installation around a period of at least four hours of dry weather; giving the freshly laid SureSet permeable paving the opportunity to cure and harden before any chance of rain. Although it may feel sometimes that the rain will never stop, on average it is dry two out of three days in the UK which still gives us plenty of time to complete your project.

If the rainfall is light and intermittent there should be no effect on freshly installed SureSet resin bound gravel that has not yet cured.

Curing time

SureSet needs a curing time of between six to eight hours for pedestrian traffic and 12-16 hours for vehicular traffic.  

During and after installation

Our paving Installers will work tidily and with respect to you and neighbouring properties. All adjacent areas will be protected during the installation to minimise the risk of resin contamination. They will clear up behind themselves and take away any rubbish.  

Please see our FAQ’s. If your question isn’t answered here, please do get in touch.