New Concepts, Research and Development

SureSet was established in 1997, because three men; Peter Watts, Kevin Weston and Mike Newton embarked on an innovative approach to selecting and designing materials to produce a high quality, cold laid resin bound paving.

Today, Kevin is our Chief Executive, Peter our Founder and Mike is retired and co-owner of StoneSet permeable paving in Australia.

Founded on innovation and research, we continue to invest in research and development.

Our Sample Dishes

SureSet has recently changed how they develop their samples which get sent out to customers. We used to use plastic petri-dishes, after some research and trials our Technical Department came up with a brilliant solution, Cork. We now use a cork base to house the resin bound sample, which means we have cut out the plastic dishes completely and the cork samples are now fully recyclable. This option is also much cheaper than using the plastic dishes, it’s an all-round amazing change for SureSet.

All staff at SureSet are involved in coming up with ideas for new products and our wonderful Technical Team continuously research the use of recycled materials. We also pride ourselves to listening and responding to customer feedback and ideas.

While some of our trials are successful and added to our ever-expanding product range, not everything gets to market!

Past trials include (among other things)…

• Recycled CD’s
• Shells
• Bricks
• Laying resin bound paving vertically
• Recycled ceramics; from toilets
• PVC cable waste
• Recycled tyres
• Thermo material that changes colour when heated
• Mixing pearlescent pigments with our recycled glass
• Materials that glow in the dark
• LED edging


When SureSet was established in 1997, our approach to resin bound gravel was unique. Due to an increase in flooding and public awareness of flood prevention, the permeable paving market has rapidly expanded.

Our investment into research and development has enabled us to remain one of the leading resin bound companies.

You can rest reassured that we are totally committed to investing in research and development and increasing our range of products.


ACO Building Drainage division specialise in developing drainage systems and building products for both internal and external built environments that do not corrode.

Not only does ACO Building Drainage use high performance stainless steel, polypropylene, galvanised steel, aluminium alloy, nickel bronze and gun metal to produce ‘standard’ products, they also offer a bespoke design service.

SureSet Permeable Paving specialise exclusively in permeable resin bound paving. Combining clear resin and natural aggregate SureSet offers high quality resin bound products that are permeable, durable, UV stable, accessible, easy to maintain and SuDS compliant.

As will as a wide range of colour and texture options, SureSet colour recycled glass in-house, offering the option of bespoke colour blends; ideal for recreating logos’, themes and perfect colour matching.