New Concepts, Research and Development

New Concepts, Research and Development

SureSet was established in 1997, because three men; Peter Watts, Kevin Weston and Mike Newton embarked on an innovative approach to selecting and designing materials to produce high quality, cold laid resin bound paving.   Today, Kevin is our Chief Executive, Peter our Founder and Mike is retired and the co-owner of StoneSet Permeable Paving in Australia.  Founded on innovation and research, SureSet continues to invest in research and development.

We are committed to continuing our investment in research and development to enable us to create new concepts like these…


Post-Consumer Plastic

We are changing the way we use plastic by moving to PCR (Post-Consumer Regrind) resin tubs.  Using re-processed plastic is better for the environment and more cost effective due to using widely available waste material.   You can read more about it in our blog.

Mechanical floating

Discover the tools and equipment used when laying resin bound paving such as mechanical floats, hand floats, spazzles and more,


Resin Batching Machine

An industry’s first is our Resin Batching Van. This is a fully bespoke one-off vehicle designed up by our Research and Development Team specifically to transport and dispense resin directly on-site, vastly reducing haulage to our warehouse and to site, labour and more importantly eliminating the requirement for non-reusable plastic buckets that are widely used across the resin bound paving industry.


Known as the EcoBatcher

Formally this machine was a static design prototype that was built into the back of a SureSet van hence, Resin Batching Van. After several months of testing, we developed a portable version called the EcoBatcher, which is more efficient than the first.  Learn more about the EcoBatcher. 







Non-plastic sample Discs

To continue the reduction of plastic waste we no longer use plastic Petri dishes, formally used to send out colour samples of our materials. On average SureSet make 1400 samples a month so after some research and trials our Technical Department came up with a brilliant solution, Cork. We now use a cork base to house the resin bound sample, which means we have cut out the use of plastic dishes completely and the cork samples are now fully recyclable. This option is more economical than using plastic dishes, it’s an all-around amazing change for SureSet.

Sample Boxes

After achieving an amazing change in how we present colour samples discs to customers we introduced a fully recyclable cardboard box to showcase a selection of up to eight samples, perfect for our expanding range of materials and colours including recycled materials such as FlexiSet and recycled glass.

Electric Forklift

Our Warehouse Team also switched from fuel to electric forklift trucks to reduce our carbon footprint, as well as working closely with Long Rake Spar to streamline our aggregate processes, by sending aggregate directly to site/project location.

Drainage Channels

Specialising in permeable paving and combining clear resin with a natural aggregate offering an alternative yet easy to maintain SuDS solution, we infilled ACO drainage trays for external built environments that do not corrode.

ACO Building Drainage uses high-performance drain solutions in stainless steel, polypropylene, galvanised steel, aluminium alloy, nickel bronze and gunmetal – they also offer a bespoke design service.

Ideas from our wonderful Technical Team are continuously explored, as well as our own staff members, we pride ourselves on listening and responding to customer feedback too! all ideas are welcomed.

Below are some resin bound tried, tested and successful ideas!

• Recycled CD’s
• Shells
• Bricks
• Laying resin bound paving vertically
• Recycled ceramics; from toilets
• PVC cable waste
• Recycled tyres
• Thermo material that changes colour when heated
• Mixing pearlescent pigments with our recycled glass
• Materials that glow in the dark
• LED edging


Recycling and eco products are recognised daily, on the news, social media and even dedicated documentaries like BBC One‘ War on Plastic’.  SureSet is keen to make changes for a better future.

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