How to Specify Resin Bound Paving

Upon request, we will send you samples of our texture and colour options and useful information about SureSet permeable paving.

In order for us to provide you with a quotation, we will need to know the size of the area in m², the type of application (e.g. driveway, tree pit) and the aggregate and colour you require.  

To specify SureSet resin bound paving you will need the following information:

  • Product code: e.g. L2054/00    
  • Description: nominal size (e.g. 6mm), colour, texture, and application    
  • Depth: this will be dependent on the type of application (e.g. 18mm)  

Where can you find this information?
The product code and description are on the label on the bottom of each sample and the recommended depth will be in your SureSet quotation.

We are a partner of the NBS (National Building Specification) and have our products in the National BIM Library.  If in doubt, please contact us.

We also have slip resistance values available on request. Please see below our average values for our 6mm aggregates. 

Nominal size  Aggregate type Application Average slip resistance value
6mm Gravel Pedestrian 38
6mm Crushed rock Pedestrian 51

Suitable base options for SureSet include: 

1. Simple SuDS Base is a no dig, fully permeable system using SureCell® and suitable for all traffic 

  • A geo-textile fabric is laid on compacted and levelled soil
  • SureCell is laid on top of the geo-textile fabric and infilled with gravel or crushed rock
  • SureSet resin bound gravel is laid on top of the infilled SureCell delivering a smooth, fully permeable surface suitable for pedestrian and straight driveways
  • For heavier vehicular use (turning driveways, access roads and car parks) a double layer of SureCell is used.  

2. Asphalt suitable for all traffic (depending on build up)  

  • SureSet can be laid directly onto an existing asphalt surface or a newly installed one once it has cooled    
  • The asphalt should be laid onto an appropriate granular sub-base, of adequate depth to accept the expected weight of use.  

3. Concrete suitable for all traffic (depending on build up)

  • Existing concrete; thoroughly cleaned and primed with a polymer based primer before SureSet permeable paving is installed    
  • Freshly laid - a minimum of seven days must be allowed and the surface primed using a polymer based primer before SureSet permeable paving is installed   
  • While SureSet itself is crack resistant, it will ultimately reflect cracks in the concrete base and movement joints must be included in the plans.

4. Crushed rock suitable for areas of low pedestrian traffic with no vehicular access    

  • Built in two layers of 4/20 free draining base, and well-compacted to a minimum depth of 100mm and SureSet resin bound paving laid to a minimum depth of 30mm.

Laying and curing     

  • SureSet permeable paving requires a curing time of between six and eight hours for pedestrian traffic and 12-16 hours for vehicular traffic  
  • SureSet resin bound gravel can be laid in temperatures as low as 0°C. Light rain will not affect the process.  

The flow rate      

  • SureSet permeable resin bound paving is totally porous with a flow rate between 16 and 96ltrs/m²/second (mix dependent) when installed onto a free draining, SuDS compliant base. Some base materials can restrict water flow    
  • SureSet, combined with a SuDS compliant sub-base, allows water to permeate back to the ground, reducing run-off and potential flash flooding    
  • SureSet and the subsequent base layers act as filters that reduce water pollution.


Even when applied to a non-permeable base, the permeability of SureSet allows water to drain away according to falls built into the base. This eliminates standing water and allows the water to be harvested or discharged into drains or soak-aways. 

Nominal size (mm)  Aggregate type Application

Flow rate (Litres/m²/second)

10 Gravel
Tree pit
10 Crushed rock
Tree pit
6 Gravel
Tree pit
6 Crushed rock
Tree pit
3 Gravel
3 Crushed rock

SureSet permeable paving can be used in conjunction with:  

  • Under floor heating - internally or externally and with either permeable or sealed finish  
  • Lighting- fibre optic lighting looks great under our Spectrum® recycled glass    
  • Manhole covers - can be in-filled with SureSet permeable paving    
  • Aco drains - can be used within drainage channels    
  • Movement joints - to prevent reflective cracking    
  • Edging - requiring a stable edge, either natural or installed edging can be used.