Since 1997 SureSet have been manufacturing, supplying and installing exclusively in Permeable Resin Bound Paving making us a specialist in resin bound. We have continued to research and develop our permeable resin bound paving products, as well as develop new installation methods, solutions and machinery.

Our focus has always been to use the best raw materials available and ensure that those materials are manufactured using the best methods and equipment, to ensure the highest quality product for the end user and our innovative development known as the EcoBatcher, we hope exceeds expectations.

The resin eco batching machine has been developed to increase efficiency, reduce waste and save time.  The resin bound industry in the UK alone is estimated to be 1,000,000m² per year and is a growing industry not just in the UK but across the globe. When you consider for every m² of material installed, approximately 500g of single use plastic is emptied into Landfill – that’s 500,000kg of plastic per year! This is a problem that we feel the industry needs to address and reduce as soon as possible!

The EcoBatcher is a machine designed to dispense resin directly into a forced action mixer – an aspect of resin bound paving that is a 3-part Polyurethane system is normally shipped to the installer and traditionally is packaged in 2 plastic buckets. Given the nature of the product used these buckets when emptied into a mixer leave a residue on the inside of the bucket leaving them unusable for any other use and adding to the global issue of single use plastic. These buckets with the residue inside are not able to be recycled and therefore must be disposed of into landfill. The EcoBatcher prevents this growing global issue and our mission is to reduce single-use plastic buckets on SureSet sites by 90% and to further our efforts we use post-consumer recycled plastic tubs!


The benefits of using the EcoBatcher

Reduces plastic waste, because no more single-use buckets will be needed to carry out a resin bound installation.

Reduces on-site workload, no manual handling of resin is required and mixing the resins using a hand whisk will be a process of the past.

Reduces warehouse labour,  instead of pre weighing and manually dispensing resin into single-use plastic buckets, we arrange for filled IBC containers to arrive at the site and the EcoBatcher machine dispenses the correct weights of resin directly into the forced action mixer, eliminating a huge amount of preparation work normally carried out in warehouse prior to delivery.

Saves time on-site, no hand mixing is required and the IBC containers (filled with resin) are connected directly to the EcoBatcher where it can be warmed in cooler months and dispensed to the exact quantities avoiding any excess resin waste.

Saves money on labour (on-site and warehouse), packaging, waste collections and excess resin.

  • 1000m² will save 666 plastic buckets being used.
  • 1000m² project saves over 200kg of single use plastic.
  • Resin can be prepared in bulk containers.
  • RedUces transport and skip Use.
  • Reduces packaging.
  • Reduces delivery costs.

What is a SureSet Resin EcoBatcher?

A piece of equipment which can be transported to sites in a van, maneuverer on wheels, has the versatility to be connected to a variety of container types and sizes, can be programmed for any weight of resin, and can mix the resins and pump them mixed, directly into a mixer.

In the first year of using the EcoBatcher SureSet has reduced the plastic usage by 10,000 buckets, that’s over 5 tonnes of plastic not used!

Benefits of using SureSet…

We offer a full supply and installation service, our high-quality range of paving materials have brought life to projects across the globe.

For a quotation with full installation service and guarantee for 21 years, please contact us.

We only use our proven unique SureSet resin formula on resin bound products and surfaces for residential, commercial and public sector applications.

Our extensive range of colours have brought fun and life to projects including schools, tree surrounds, driveways, patios, pool surrounds, roof gardens, play areas, car parks and public spaces.  The colours offer a variety of texture options too, within our natural gravel and crushed stone, marble and recycled shells, bricks and coloured glass – created in-house for extra Quality Assurance.

We provide an almost limitless paving option for landscape architects, developers and homeowners. Our ability to achieve detailed intricate work is highly popular with architects and designers, conveying their visions to reality.  We also endeavour to complete larger projects to contract timescales, this is key when working with contractors aiming to meet deadlines – our recent development of a mechanical aid for installations, the hover trowel, makes large resin bound projects furthermore efficient and to keep our resin quality consistent we are the only resin bound company in the UK with a mobile resin batching machine.

SureSet paving is equally suitable for new build and refurbishment projects, providing a fully permeable surface which allows water to freely drain through the paving – the rate of permeability depending on the size of aggregate and type of sub-base specified. Providing a permeable surface allows homeowners to pave without the need for planning permission and can save money when introducing a rainwater water harvesting system.

Our resin bound paving effectively provides a highly attractive, durable, long-lasting surface that requires virtually no maintenance.  The low energy material is mixed cold on site, usually with our resin batching machine known as the EcoBatcher and floated by skilled installers to deliver a smooth finish, ideal for areas where wheelchairs and pushchairs may be used.  

All residential installations will be carried out by a fully approved installer near you.

All SureSet installations are backed by a 21 Year Guarantee.

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