Did you know we offer a cleaning service?

Did you know we offer a cleaning service?

Everyone knows that we have been installing high quality resin bound paving since 1997, but not many people know that we can also complete or recommend (if necessary) a cleaning service for resin bound surfaces – even those not installed by us.

Contact us for your cleaning service requirements 01985 841 180 or email us.

One cleaning project was for a customer in Ferndown, Poole who had a resin bound driveway installed by another company; while it was in a good condition, it needed a thorough clean in order to revive and refresh it.

Whilst researching ‘driveway cleaning’ online, our (soon to be) customer stumbled across our website and, impressed by what they saw, contacted us for some more information about our cleaning service.

We discussed their expectations and talked them through the process of cleaning the driveway. Impressed and satisfied with the information, they accepted our quote.

The cleaning process involves water lancing the area in one direction to loosen any debris, then going over the surface with a Rotor Cleanse unit to clean and suck up the dirt and finishing off with a ‘wet vax’ to ensure that any remaining dirty water was removed. This is just one of many cleaning methods available for paving and hard landscaped areas.


Since then we have also outsourced cleaning projects to our preferred cleaning contractor when the demand has been high, and a new lease of life has been given to the SureSet surface at the commercial dealership Aston Martin, Newport Pagnell.

Below is a video case study that SureSet recently revisited a project installed with resin bound paving for the ECOS Outdoor Theatre in Frome in 2003, SureSet arrived to clean and remove almost 15 years or dirt and debris after the initial installation.

We believe that each cleaning project is as unique as the surface that was laid, and dependant on each project the task may need to be subcontracted to a specialist cleaning firm who we work closely alongside.

If you would like to talk to someone about our cleaning services for your paving areas or current project, you can call 01985 841 180 or email us.

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