Become an Approved/ProResin Installer or a Global Partner

Become an Approved/ProResin Installer or a Global Partner

Become an Approved Installer

Supporting our highly skilled Installation Team is a network of SureSet Approved Installers, who complete domestic paving projects across the UK.

In order to maintain the high standards synonymous with SureSet permeable paving, we ask all potential Approved Installers to undertake full training and provide evidence of a professionally run operation; from pricing through to practical completion and the ability to offer a complete domestic package (either directly or indirectly).

Once accepted as a SureSet Approved paving Installer you will receive a Certificate of Approval and sales, technical and marketing support. Through visits to active and completed sites, we will carry out regular assessments for quality and auditing purposes.

You can find out more about your local SureSet Approved installer here, or you can contact our Sales Team to find out about becoming a SureSet Approved Installer by emailing [email protected] or calling 01985 841180.


Become a ProResin Installer

ProResin Installers can purchase our high quality resin only direct.  Use this on your own projects either with your own aggregate or from our recommended supplier, Long Rake Spar.

For more information on how you can work with us and use our market leading resin formula, contact our Trade Team.

Become a Global Partner

Global Partners situated throughout the world can supply and install SureSet paving on commercial and residential projects.

SureSet intend to appoint Partners in various territories who would be able to market, sell and install the product within their area.

If this is something you would like to discuss further, please contact our Global Sales Team.


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