Reinforcement Mesh Membrane (1m²)

£ 4.62


Use when you need to control crack growth, known as an Asphalt Reinforcement, Fibreglass Mesh Backing or CRM developed to help extend pavement life, wall tiles and is an exceptionally strong and durable reinforcing system. Its geosynthetic composition consists of glass fibre strands that have been arranged into a grid structure. These, in turn, are covered and impregnated with a polymer adhesive. The result is a supreme system that will strengthen pavements while reducing reactive maintenance costs.

Sent as a continuous piece 1 metre wide by 1 metre long for you to cut to your desired length.

PRICE: £4.62/m² (1m x 1m)


MESH HOLE SIZE: 4 x 4 mm


We endeavour to deliver within 2- 5 working days. It is advisable where possible to have materials delivered at least one day in advance of your planned installation to avoid any unnecessary delays on site in the event of a late delivery.

If you would like to purchase products for delivery outside the UK, please contact us directly at [email protected] so we can arrange this for you.


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