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SureSet ProResin is an Aliphatic UV stable polyurethane binder suitable for use in Resin Bound Paving creating a permeable surface. The 7kg ProResin kit has been designed to be used with a variety of dried aggregates using 3mm, 6mm and 10mm size stone, and once combined is suitable for many applications including driveways, pathways, patios and courtyards.

ProResin is designed for use in a forced action mixer only*, with the appropriate amount of aggregate. Using a forced action mixer ensures that resin and aggregate are consistently and evenly mixed to deliver a permeable surface.

A permeable surface is SuDS compliant because it allows water to pass through and drain freely into the ground, reducing the risk of surface water build up or flooding.

Why choose our ProResin above others available?

Research carried out prior to setting up SureSet in 1997, revealed that a lot of resin bound paving suppliers only offered a ‘one size fits all’ product which resulted in poor performance and a low-quality surface.

With their combined technical experience in highway surfacing materials, the Founders of SureSet were confident that there was a better way of manufacturing resin bound paving.

Fundamental to their solution was, and still is, the choice of resin. Following a thorough assessment of available resins, SureSet found that aliphatic polyurethanes (PU’s) offer the properties needed in an all-round practical binder for resin bound paving.

Aliphatic PUs, when formulated correctly and laid under the right conditions, cure to give a strong, non-softening, but flexible film, which provides a long-lasting bond.

These resins are UV stable so will not yellow when exposed to sunlight, are easier and relatively safe to handle and the cure rate is controllable ensuring a more consistent finish.

The benefits of SureSet ProResin:

  • Formulated in-house
  • UV stable* HDI aliphatic polyurethane (high quality)
  • Crystal clear
  • Can be used in temperatures from 0°C (conditions apply)
  • 3-part chemically curing
  • Flexible
  • Controllable curing times
  • Can be used all year round
  • Durable
  • ISO 9001 audited Quality Management system

*SureSet ProResin UV stable 3-part PU, when used with recommended aggregates is suitable for driveways, pathways, tree surrounds and patios.

All ProResin FAQ‘s here.

Materials supplied and installed using ProResin are not covered under the SureSet 21-year Guarantee.

It is advisable where possible to have materials delivered at least one day in advance of your planned installation to avoid any unnecessary delays on site in the event of a late delivery.  Collection from SureSet HQ can also be arranged with our Warehouse.

If you would like to purchase products for delivery outside the UK, please contact us directly at [email protected] so we can arrange this for you.

Check out our video on ProResin.

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