Maintenance Repair Kit (2.5kg)

£ 49.50

SureSet maintenance repair kits are suitable to repair small areas under 0.5m².


The Maintenance Repair Kit is designed for smaller areas of repair or maintenance to intricately blend materials together.

Maintenance Repair Kit contains

Enough specially formulated resin and aggregate to complete approximately 0.1m² at a 16mm depth, protective gloves, mixing tubs and full instructions that guide you through the repair, mixing and laying process of the chosen material are included.

• Pre-weighed blended dried aggregate (2.5kg)
• 2 x pouches of Resin
• 1 x bag of fine grit for sprinkling
• 1 x bag of SureSand
• 1 x pair of long gauntlet gloves*

• 1 x pair of thick PVC gloves*
• 2 x pairs of disposable gloves*
• Small mixing tub
• Spatula for mixing the resin

If the blend you are wishing to repair is not listed please email [email protected] for further assistance.

We endeavour to deliver within 2- 5 working days for all Maintenance Repair Kits. It is advisable where possible to have materials delivered at least one day in advance of your planned installation to avoid any unnecessary delays on site in the event of a late delivery.

Prices include VAT and UK Mainland delivery.  If you would like to purchase products for delivery outside the UK, please contact us directly at [email protected] so we can arrange this for you.

Additional Tools, equipment and materials required:

• White Spirit or SureSet tool clean
• Steel float (flooring type)
• Chisel and hammer
• Flat head screwdriver
• Fine paint or varnish brush
• Rags for wiping off tools etc.

Steel float, hammer, filler knife, screwdriver, dustpan

Tool Clean

Varnish Brush for resin bound repair

Varnish Brush









How to use resin bound Maintenance Repair Kits…

1. Chisel out the area.

2. Remove dust or debris.

3. Mix the resins & Aggregate.









4. Varnish the clean area.

5. Slowly fill the area.

6. Compact and smooth.








Learn more about resin bound materials via our video gallery on our main website.

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Chestnut, Barley Butter, Winter Pearl, British Racing Green, Midnight, Sterling, Tuscan Terracotta

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