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The standard Spectrum resin bound paving range includes primary, glittery, pastel, and pearlescent colours. Our range of coloured recycled glass offers a spectrum of colours!

Have you found the colour of resin bound Spectrum you were looking for? Great! To get this installed on your project you can request a sample to be posted to you, ready for you to specify it within your project plans, or let your designer or approved contractor know the product code on the back.

Because we colour recycled glass in-house, we can also produce a bespoke fusion of colour blends for ultimate design creativity; ideal for reproducing logos, themes and images. 

If you are looking for a colour that isn’t included in our standard range please get in touch. Our Team will blend colours to meet your aesthetic and durability needs and send samples for approval. We continually identify and research new recycled materials that can work effectively within resin bound flooring, if you have any suggestions, let us know!

Spectrum is also available to purchase as loose glass for decorative areas.

All recycled glass is tumbled to remove sharp edges and best suited for foot traffic and occasional light vehicular use. 

*please note all Spectrum samples are made to order, there could be a slight delay in them being sent to customers.

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