Permeable resin bound paving on offer for Newcastle homes and companies

If you recognise a need for new paving at your home or business premises in Newcastle or nearby, you can rest assured that you can easily receive a high-quality and permeable solution from SureSet. Since 1997, we have been providing resin bound paving – and we can install it for you, too.

Our resin bound paving comes with many plus points for the more than a million people who live or work in the county of Tyne and Wear. Once in place, paving of this type is permeable, durable and smooth while offering UV stability and remaining easy to maintain.

Advantages of resin bound over resin bonded paving

Despite their similar names, resin bound paving and resin bonded paving are actually markedly different in how they are applied – with implications for how they can be maintained, too.

What we do is resin bound paving, where three components – clear resin, natural aggregate and either marble or recycled materials – are intensely mixed to fully coat each stone particle in resin. The particles are subsequently layered onto a base to produce a smooth finish.

The smooth surface is what ultimately secures the particles – unlike the case with resin bonded paving, where resin is applied across a surface over which dry aggregate is then distributed. With this paving option, the stones can too easily detach and so leave the finish disconcertingly lumpy.

You can make long-term savings with resin bound paving

Once SureSet paving has been installed just outside your residential or corporate building, you can expect that paving to remain a no-fuss solution for decades. That’s because each installation comes with a 21-year guarantee, but there are other reasons to believe in the paving’s long-term viability.

As we specialise in providing resin bound – not resin bonded – paving, you don’t have to worry about the possibility of occasionally finding loose stones and paving gaps that have resulted from such. Meanwhile, we offer an after-care service also conducive to the paving’s long-term resilience.

All of this means that once the paving is in place, you don’t need to prioritise having it replaced soon. In fact, you might sell the building before you consider replacing the paving outside it.

How to arrange local installation of resin bound paving

Newcastle is North East England’s most populous city and forms the heart of the Tyneside conurbation, one of the UK’s largest urban areas by population. The area’s population is largely fuelled by the retail and service sectors, while many local attractions draw people to Newcastle.

Whether your home or business is in Newcastle or one of the surrounding nearby settlements, such as Gateshead, Sunderland or Durham, you can easily reach out for a SureSet paving solution. You can start by filling in an online application form to request a quote.

If you are particularly interested in residential paving, keep in mind that our network of SureSet Approved Installers covers the whole of the UK, including Newcastle. These companies work with our Installation Team to implement home paving solutions.

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