At SureSet, we offer the best resin bound paving solution in the UK. Our product is affordable, high quality and we can offer our services in Liverpool and surrounding areas.

Our SureSet permeable resin bound paving is a high quality product that is suitable for many projects (big and small). We’ve worked with local businesses, as well as on private land completing small private property projects. Our resin bound paving is such a fantastic surfacing solution that our services are in demand all over the city of Liverpool and beyond. If you’d like to see examples of our work, you can visit the ‘case studies’ page on our website – where there are plenty of examples and photos to scroll through and look at.


What makes SureSet resin bound paving unique?

Our permeable resin bound paving is high quality, long lasting, reliable and good value for money and we pride ourselves on providing the best services for resin bound paving in Liverpool. Our team are expertly trained and know our product inside out, making the process smooth, efficient and professional.

We also offer a 21-year guarantee for all services delivered by us. This is a reflection of the trust we have in our product and our team – because we know we only deliver the most high quality results.


Permeable resin bound paving for homes and businesses in Liverpool

Our resin bound paving services are available for both homes and businesses in the Liverpool area, as the resin bound paving product is something that suits large and small surfaces. We’re frequently working on projects throughout the UK, and there is information on where to find examples of our work on our website.

We cover many areas of central Liverpool and surrounding suburbs, including; Central, Vauxhall, Fairfield, Wavertree, Everton, Belle Vale, Birkenhead, Port Sunlight, Wallasey, Bootle, Walton, Kirkby, Halewood, Tarbock Green, Woolton, and many more.

If you’re unsure whether we cover your local area, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and send us an enquiry.


Why should I choose resin bound paving?

In short – our permeable resin bound paving system provides you with a permeable, accessible, durable, one-layer surface. It is this one-layer surface that creates the smooth and easy-to-maintain surface you’re after.

Resin bound paving can be used for a multitude of purposes. We have provided it for driveways, walkways, playgrounds, and outdoor public spaces. It gives a fantastic result, and our premium UV formula is long lasting and looks fantastic too.

Another remarkable benefit of resin bound paving is the permeability of it. This is a key selling point for many people – and it’s a key feature especially in the UK (where it rains most of the year). This feature leads to better filtration of water, but also less puddling and better drainage too. You can find more in depth information about why permeable paving is better than regular paving, by sending us an email or reading our blog posts.

Here are some other advantages to resin bound paving:

Resin paving is truly built to last, so it’s the best surfacing option for longevity. This means for businesses and companies – where longevity is crucial – resin paving is the strongest choice. Because this type of paving is built to last, also means it proves itself to be excellent value for money in the long term.

If you can’t decide is resin paving is right for you, we’d love to hear from you so we can discuss the benefits and your project in more detail.

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