Resin bound paving is available for homes and firms in Leeds

The West Yorkshire city of Leeds has thrived as an economic and cultural jewel in Britain’s crown. If you live or work in the West Yorkshire Urban Area, the population of which is 2.6 million, we are available to place resin bounding paving at your residence or business building.

We include a 21-year guarantee with each resin bound paving project, which we can make by combining clear resin, natural aggregate and marble and recycled materials. The result is a smooth and accessible surface that also has durability, permeability and ease of maintenance in its favour.

Resin bound paving vs. resin bonded paving

You should be careful not to confuse resin bound paving with resin bonded paving, which actually uses a very different application method. We don’t provide the resin bonded option, as we know that it has a number of key drawbacks compared to resin bound paving.

The reasons for this are very much in how the different types of paving are put together. With resin bound paving, various ingredients – including natural aggregate and clear resin – are mixed right from the start, resulting in stone particles that are wholly resin-covered.

As a result, a smooth and durable surface can form. In contrast, when resin bonded paving is made, the dry aggregate is not added until after the surface has been covered with a film of resin. As the stones are attached to resin only on one side, they are vulnerable to coming off and so getting lost.

Why resin bound paving is a cost-effective option

There are many appealing facets of a SureSet paving installation service. Our customer service and technical support are both high in quality; therefore, they can offer relief to Leeds businesses that are time-strapped and need any paving issues to be resolved quickly.

Nonetheless, if you are accustomed to resin bonded paving, you could be pleasantly surprised by how hassle-free resin bound paving seems in comparison. Once you have also factored in our after-care service, it’s clear why this paving can prove financially efficient in the long run.

It’s simple to request resin bound paving in Leeds

The current prominence of Leeds is largely a result of the Industrial Revolution in the 17th and 18th centuries. Today, Leeds continues to thrive as a place to both live and work. Its economy is especially diverse and features the UK’s second largest legal and financial centre.

Leeds has also outpaced all other UK cities in its generation of private-sector jobs. These jobs, as well as local attractions and amenities such as universities and cultural venues, have drawn more and more people to the city, where they can now benefit from our services in resin bound paving.

A Leeds-based homeowner or businessperson can easily request a quote through our website. We will soon be in touch and if you want paving for a residence in Leeds or just outside the city, allow you to benefit from the expertise of our Installation Team and local SureSet Approved Installers.

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