Durable resin bound paving for homes and companies in Glasgow

Glasgow is among the most populous cities in both Scotland and the wider United Kingdom and over the centuries, has grown in population as its manufacturing and financial industries have thrived. Today, Glasgow homes and businesses alike can benefit from our resin bound paving.

Our resin bound paving is carefully crafted with clear resin, natural aggregate and marble and recycled materials. We make our paving products for permeability and durability as well as other crucial strengths, and include a 21-year guarantee with each of our resin bound paving products.

Why choose resin bound over resin bonded paving?

Owing to their similar names, resin bonded paving could be easily mistaken for resin bound paving. However, resin bound paving has a noticeably smoother finish than the resin bonded variety, which sheds light on crucial differences in production methods.

As resin bound paving is made, various materials are blended together to leave each stone particle wholly resin-coated. The particles are subsequently attached to a base where they form a smooth permeable finish. As a result, the stones will not loosen as the paving is regularly used.

The possibility of loose stone would, however, remain a risk with resin bonded paving, which we don’t make. The process of resin bonding sees resin applied as a film to the treated surface. Later, clean and dry aggregate is used to cover the resin, from which the stones can later become detached.

You can expect a resin bound solution to be long-lasting

Working with SureSet Approved Installers, we can provide resin bound paving in both residential and commercial settings. Our resin bound paving solutions are built for resilience, as they are not only permeable, durable and smooth, but also UV stable and SuDS compliant.

Furthermore, you will receive customer service of a high standard both during and after the installation phase. We take pride in our after-care services and continue to refine our products and how we provide them, with the ultimate objective of meeting and even beating your expectations.

Do you seek new resin bound paving in Glasgow?

Whether you would like to tap into the common benefits of resin bound paving in a residential or commercial context in Glasgow, it is easy to apply for a paving project. The ‘Request a Quote’ button on our website can send you straight to a form that you can fill in and submit.

Once you have used this form to request a quote, you can consider how our services could help you to get ahead in Glasgow. For example, if you run a Glasgow-based business, you might be attracted to the idea of making your business premises more visually pleasing with new paving.

As your corporate location grows in aesthetic appeal, your customers or clients could rise in number. Similarly, if you live in Glasgow, you could help to make yourself a more appealing neighbour by arranging for the installation of resin bound paving outside your domestic building, thanks to our SureSet Approved Installers in the city.

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