How to measure your area

You will need:

• Tape measure

• Pen and paper


• Check the boundary of your property.

• Make a note of all the existing drainage and any new ones you wish to have put in place, like ACO drains, as the water will need to run into a drainage point.

• Please note any existing street lamps and dropped kerbs.

• Most importantly make a note of any gates, fences and garage doors that open onto the area you wish to have resin bound paving installed.

Measuring and converting into m²…. For example, to measure a standard straight driveway, measure the length and width in metres and multiply the two measurements to get the area in m² area.


Measuring unusual shapes…. For triangular areas, half the length and multiply this by the full length and height. Alternatively, multiply the length and height and divide them by two.


This video demonstrates how to measure usual shapes.


Online tools

You can easily convert different metrics to metres using a conversion chart which are freely available on the internet.  

There are websites and apps that allow you to sketch measurements digitally that automatically calculate a sketch to the metric you require. 

For further help and advice on your area, please email us with photos and any questions you may have.