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SureSet HQ

Warminster, United Kingdom

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Small garden pathway in Somerset

Rodden Road, Frome BA11 2AH,

Colour: 10mm Chestnut

Products: ProResin

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St. Laurence School

Bradford on avon, United Kingdom

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Clearglaze showroom

Bath, United Kingdom

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Belle Vue Road

Salisbury, United Kingdom

Resin bound projects in your area

Look around our locations to see what amazing work we may have completed in an area near you.

With an ever-increasing range of landscaping materials to select from and the growing resin bound market we have plenty of projects completed across the UK and globally in countries such as Italy and Dubai.

Resin bound paving offers a great deal of design flexibility and is proven in applications from South England to Scotland, not forgetting our Ireland and a substantial number of overseas projects of all shape and scale – from very simple standard driveways, to complex shapes which incorporate intricate design patterns.  

As one of the first companies to introduce the product to the UK and now the leading manufacturer and supplier, Wiltshire based SureSet has supplied and installed a wide range of residential and commercial projects with materials for drives, paths, forecourts, entrances, patios and pool surrounds – as well as schools such as Eden Boys School based in Birmingham, health centres, universities, court buildings, foot bridges, community centres, retail parks like Vodafone in Newbury and town centres like Hinkley in Leicestershire which also feature on the news at the time the newly developed centre was reopened.  

Resin-bound paving is available in a huge range of colours and textures to complement or contrast with any style of commercial application, home or garden.  Offering a modern, long-lasting alternative to traditional materials, options range from natural gravel and crushed stone to marble and recycled glass, providing almost limitless options for designers.

From mellow shades of natural buff to rich shades of terracotta and vibrant primary colours, the palette offers enormous scope to create striking designs.  The options are only constrained by the designer’s own imagination and because of the way the material is installed, patterns and shapes can be clearly defined – which can prove difficult to achieve using more traditional materials and methods. View a detailed and striking resin bond logo installation in the city of Bath, southwest England for a company called Clearglaze.

SureSet resin bound paving also provides a completely permeable surface which fully meets the requirements of Building Regulations – allowing water to drain freely through and significantly reducing the problem of standing water.  

Resin bound paving is quick to install, with the low energy material mixed cold on site and floated by the SureSet team or an Approved Installer to deliver a perfectly smooth finish.  Each SureSet paving surface will provide many years of high quality performance, providing a highly durable, UV stable surface which is resistant to frost, oil and stains – ensuring that its appearance won’t fade or be compromised over time.  

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