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What is PlayBound?

PlayBound is a loose coloured rubber (3mm) that is mixed with a clear stable resin. Playbound is also known EPDM or rubber crumb and it’s smooth but has good slip resistance values, durable and needs very little maintenance; sweeping and occasional power washing to avoid the build-up of debris and prevent the growth of moss or algae.

PlayBound would be laid onto a shock base layer when installing around play equipment to ensure the correct safety measures are taken for any critical fall heights.

If the PlayBound recycled black were used a shock base layer wouldn’t be needed.

How is PlayBound permeable?

During the mixing process, we ensure that each piece of coloured rubber is completely coated in resin; allowing them to bond securely whilst leaving small voids for water to drain through to the sub-base.

Can I use PlayBound around the outdoor gym or play equipment?

Yes, you can. The depths of the rubber base beneath will vary in accordance with our critical fall height specification.

Is PlayBound easy to clean?

Yes, it is. There’s minimal loose rubber with SureSet PlayBound which makes cleaning easy. You are only required to sweep regularly and occasionally power wash, all of which will keep it looking fresh.

Watch our resin bound video maintenance guide to give you an idea.

What specification is PlayBound and groundwork's laid?

The depth of PlayBound and the shock pad base varies for each project, depending on the application and fall height, but the approximate ‘typical’ depth is 25mm. There are various base options for PlayBound including, rubber shock pad, compacted stone, and SureCell (you can download more information here).

How long does PlayBound take to cure?

The rubber resin bound paving system (wet pour), PlayBound, is suitable for use after 24 hours to ensure the surface is fully cured.

How long does PlayBound last?

SureSet permeable paving and PlayBound comes with a 5 year guarantee if installed by an approved team of contractors. The resin technology suggests it will last in excess of 10 years.

What groundworks and base preparation do we need to undertake?

The groundwork and preparation laid before you have PlayBonud installed are very important. If you are planning to have a new sub-base, for the best results, please use our really useful specification. SureSet has Approved Installers that are able to carry out any groundwork and preparations for you prior to the installation of PlayBound.

Can I lay SureSet PlayBound myself?

Yes, you can lay PlayBound yourself. We have a range of Supply Only products such as a DIY Kits® and DIY or TradePacks®. Although for large areas we would always recommend using a SureSet Installation Team for the best results.

Is the resin toxic?

No. Once installed SureSet is an inert material. Part of our resin blend is derived from natural plant extract.

How much does PlayBound cost?

Each project is individually priced and dependent on the location, size of the area, application type and stone choice. Please contact us with this information and we will be happy to provide you with a free quotation.

Can I use PlayBound resin with rubber granules I already have?

In principle yes, although any rubber would need to satisfy our minimum quality standards, and samples sent in for testing. If you would like to discuss this further, please contact us.

How can I find your specifications?

All technical specifications and other useful documents can be found on our downloads page here.

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