What is a DIYPack?

DIYPack, is a resin bound paving pack created to allow users to self-install resin bound paving without a forced action mixer.

What edging can I use?

SureSet can be laid up against almost any type of edge, such as brick pavers, timber edging, stainless steel or aluminum edging, lawn edging, or directly up against walls.

Do I need to protect the edging?

It is essential to mask all edging to reduce the risk of staining from the SureSet resin and associated tools.

Is there a shelf life on the resin if not used right away?

Providing your DIYPack is stored in a cool, dry place, it will last for up to three months. Please remember that this product is bespoke and the cure rate of the resin is optimised for the season it is supplied in.

What must the weather conditions be?

Weather conditions should be dry, and above 50C, with a relative humidity of less than 85%.

How long does DIYPack take to cure?

Once mixed you have approximately 10-20 minutes of working time per pack.  After this time the material will start to stiffen and any further use of the float may mark the surface. The SureSet resin bound typically takes up to 24 hours to cure and go hard, depending on the air and surface temperatures.  If the material has not cured after 48-hours, please contact SureSet for advice.

Is a DIYPack guaranteed?

SureSet permeable paving DIYPacks are not covered by the standard SureSet 21 year guarantee. The resin technology suggests it will last in excess of 20 years.

What groundworks and base preparation do we need to undertake?

The groundwork and preparation before you use DIYPack are very important. If you are planning to have a new sub-base, for the best results, please use our really useful specification.

What happens if water is spilled onto or it rains before the surface has fully cured?

SureSet should not be used if the surface on which it will be laid is wet if it is raining, or it is forecast to rain before it will be fully cured (typically up to 24hrs depending on ambient temperature).

If water does come into contact with the uncured material there is a very high likelihood that it will damage it and cause it to change appearance due to the foaming of the resin. This effect can only be remedied by replacing the affected area.

If rain or water is likely to come into contact with the surface before it has fully cured then we recommend covering the surface with a waterproof sheet; ensuring that it is supported so that it does not come into direct contact with the surface and there is plenty of ventilation to reduce the risk of moisture collecting under the cover.

What happens if I can’t finish my project in one day?

When working more than one day it is normally necessary to install/allow for a day joint within the SureSet surface.  This can be done by temporarily forming a neat edge at the intended place for the joint using a timber batten which can then be removed and fresh material laid against the previous installation the following day.  A permanent edge can be made using aluminum square edge profiles which are available from SureSet.

What happens if I don’t mix a DIYPack properly?

If the resin and aggregate are not mixed thoroughly and the aggregate particles are not equally coated, it can result in early failure of the product. There is also a risk of a build-up of resin and fine aggregates which can cause foaming or whitening and blisters in the cured surface.

Is the resin toxic?

No. Once installed SureSet is an inert material. Part of our resin blend is derived from natural plant extract.

Is resin bound easy to clean?

Yes, it is. There’s minimal loose stone with SureSet resin bound which makes cleaning easy. You are only required to sweep regularly and occasionally power wash, all of which will keep it looking fresh.

Watch our resin bound video maintenance guide to give you an idea.

How is resin bound permeable?

During the mixing process, each piece of stone is completely coated in resin; allowing them to bond securely whilst leaving small voids for water to drain through to the sub-base.

Can I have SureSet resin bound paving installed for me?

Yes, you can. Contact the SureSet Sales Team for more information.

How can I find your specifications?

All technical specifications and other useful documents can be found on our downloads page here.

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