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We supply our exclusive resin bound surfacing materials in various formats. If you are a DIY enthusiast, experienced tradesman or builder you all have the option to self-install permeable resin bound paving for your own residential or commercial projects.

All our self-install, DIY, products are supplied with high quality resins that are UV stable and aggregates which are washed, dried and bagged with quality checks.

Our proven resin bound technology, established in 1997 continues to offer natural and recycled resin bound paving solutions with unlimited colours, and design flexibility no other type of paving can match.

For small self-install projects

Look at our easy to use DIY Kit, ideal for small areas or intricate paving projects, even if incorporating into a larger design, such as a house number or company logo, into larger pathways and driveways.

All DIY Kits come with the exact amount of specially formulated resin and natural aggregaterecycled glass or marble to complete ½m² to a depth of 16mm.

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No experience is required and without the need for expensive cutting or laying equipment our DIY Kits are easy to use.  Our resin bound DIY Kit comes with detailed instructions that guide you through preparation, mixing and laying SureSet resin bound materials.

The average cost of our DIY Kit (13kg) is £29.95 (including VAT and UK mainland delivery).


“Instructions were clear and precise, our handy-man found it easy to lay.”

Mrs Barker, Essex.

For larger self-install projects

We recommend using our TradePacks. There are a few pack options depending on the type of installation you have, please look below and head to our online shop ;

TradePack with Natural Aggregates, popular for various paving applications.

TradePack with Spectrum recycled glass, for colour paving projects.

TradePack with FlexiSet, a 50% recycled rubber material blended the natural aggregates.

TradePack for Tree pit surrounds and channels with high porosity rates.

TradePack for SureCell, a recycled plastic base alternative to tarmac or concrete.

Alternative paving options for self-install are;

PatioPack, an all-in-one pack that includes base suitable to create your own patio area, hot tub base, fire pit surround and more.

SureSlab Perma, a permeable paving slab cut into 500mm x 500mm x 40mm manageable sizes, a new alternative to granite or sandstone paving slabs or blocks.

PermaPlant Kit, even smaller that our DIY Kit its designed to be used around plant pots for a low maintenance decoration.

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