Resin Bound Tree Pits

Tree pits often look sad and neglected; providing the perfect place for windswept leaves and litter to gather. Therefore they require a disproportionate amount of time and effort to keep tidy.

A SureSet resin bound tree pit offers a low maintenance, elegant alternative to unsightly metal grilles.

The technology behind SureSet porous paving maximises the voids between particles of stone, which allows water to reach the roots of the tree; eliminating the need for watering tubes. A SureSet tree pit provides protection and durability with the flexibility to allow tree growth.

The benefits of a SureSet resin bound tree pit include:

  • Easy to maintain
  • No loose stone
  • Nowhere for rubbish to collect
  • Reduces the opportunity for weeds to grow
  • Covered by our 21 year guarantee.

A SureSet resin bound tree pit can even be laid around mature trees with exposed roots; ensuring pedestrian safety, while still allowing air and water to pass through to allow continued growth. Our huge range of colours and textures make matching or contrasting with surrounding areas easy.

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You can download information about how to specify and suitable bases for SureSet permeable paving on the right or read some case studies.


“We have a long relationship of working with Palmers Brewery and lots of experience working with listed buildings. One of the challenges with this is finding materials that seamlessly blend in and quietly enhance the beauty of the building. We specified SureSet because it fitted in perfectly with the natural appearance we were creating throughout the whole development.” - Jonathon Morgan, JMDA

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