Resin Bound Commercial Access Road Surfaces

The term ‘access road’ is widely used to cover other types of roads such as service, parallel or slip. An access road usually runs parallel to a faster road providing access to specific destinations such as private driveways, shops, industries, farms and larger busier roads.

The extreme durability of SureSet resin bound paving makes it the perfect access road surface.


An extensive choice of colours and the versatility of SureSet permeable paving allows for easy demarcation of parking bays and defining pedestrian and driving areas.

Included in our huge colour range is Midnight – a perfect option to match adjoining asphalt roads and driveways.


Practical and functional, our high quality permeable access road surfacing significantly reduces problems caused by standing water; providing a wide range of safety, comfort and maintenance benefits including:

  • Reducing maintenance and running costs; the UV stability and permeability of SureSet improves the long-term appearance of an access road with minimal maintenance.
  • Increasing safety; with no loose stone to gravitate into adjoining landscaped areas or be catapulted from the road.
  • The potential to slip is greatly reduced because melting snow disperses through SureSet; no puddles means no icy patches.

The versatility of SureSet can also camouflage unsightly drains and manhole covers and include surrounding trees with a SureSet tree pit.


Suitable bases for SureSet access road paving include asphalt, concrete, crushed rock and SureCell®. When applied to SureCell, our own fully permeable reinforced stable sub-base, a fully SuDS compliant surface is created.


Even when applied to a non-permeable base, the permeability of SureSet resin bound paving allows water to drain away, be harvested or discharged into drains or soak-aways.

SureSet access road paving is covered by our 21 year guarantee.

Please contact us for more information or advice about SureSet access road surfaces.

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You can download information about how to specify and suitable bases for SureSet permeable paving on the right or read some case studies.


“There has been a huge amount of public interest with everyone taking photos of our fantastic entrance, let’s hope it looks this good on TV.” - Spokesperson for MCFC

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