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Bound v bonded?

A resin bound system delivers a permeable, durable, accessible, multi-layer surface. Because the finish is smooth there is no loose stone – guaranteed.

A resin bonded system delivers a non-permeable, single stone layer surface. Because the stone only adheres to the resin on one side, there is potential for the stone to become loose and scattered.

How to specify SureSet?   

To specify SureSet resin bound paving you will need the following information, which can be found on the label on the bottom of each sample:

Would you like to book a CPD?   

We are members of the CPD Certification Service and offer professionals the ability to develop and enhance their abilities and knowledge of resin bound paving.

Specifications and other useful documents   

On our Downloads page, you will find specifications for each application with different sub-bases: permeable, non-permeable as well as our Simple SuDS Base.


Our Philosophy

Since 1997 we have worked hard to ensure that the quality of our materials and workmanship are the best in the industry. We believe we have succeeded in establishing SureSet as a commercial resin bound paving company synonymous with high standards and value for money.

In a rapidly expanding market we bring to the resin bound industry the unique discipline of combining outstanding attractiveness and creativity with practicality and sustainability.

SureSet commercial paving is suitable for any type of project; new build or refurbishment and any style of property; modern, traditional, listed or heritage.

SureSet can be installed externally for housing developments, drivewayspathwayscar parks and access roadshard landscapingpool surroundstree pitsschool paving, healthcare centres, hotels and theme parks or internally for: kitchens, bathrooms, showrooms, shops or conservatories, hallways, offices and studios.

Our Commercial Team

James Newton

Marketing & Sales Director

Hugh Haines

Head of Global Sales

Alasdair McMillan

Head of Sales

Natasha Welch

Regional Sales Manager

Kelsey Russell

Regional Sales Manager

Jacqui Anslow

Key Account Controller

Nick Pitcher

Sales Administrator

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