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North of the scenic Yorkshire Moor National Park is a town named Middlesbrough and home to one particular resident that gained support from the ITV show, Love Your Garden, homeowners Phillipa, Husband John and their two-year-old son Harrison.

Phillipa (Pip) was a chef in the navy, but her career was cut short by the onset of a rare genetic condition, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. This caused severe gastro failure and mobility due to weakened body tissue. For the past seven years, Pip has dedicated herself to helping others, from running soup kitchens and helping disadvantaged children, to supporting causes for disabled people. If someone’s struggling, she will find an inner energy and she’ll help fix the problem.

Pip wanted a garden that she could access easily and freely allowing her to be able to take her son Harrison outside independently whilst being assured they are both safe and secure in their own garden. Being a former chef she is also very keen to show Harrison how to grow food, fruit and vegetables.

Understanding how important the garden was to Pip and her family, the presenter of the popular show, Alan Titmarsh and the team decided to create a fully accessible navy coastal theme garden. As a result, the Love Your Garden experts got super-creative and by using some clever design, so they could fill the reasonably-sized outdoor area with interesting features and wonderful details to suit the whole family.




Job brief/planning
SureSet was contacted by Matt Leigh from Spun Gold TV in early Spring 2020 after working with us previously they knew resin bound paving was essential to complete the accessible pathways around the residential garden, with a particular interest in various colour blends from our Natural Aggregate range. We sent samples of colours that would suit the design to match the colour scheme and be feasible for the particular project requirements.

As manufacturers, SureSet were able to show our support in donating our time, labour, plant and resin with further support from stone suppliers Grantex (Long Rake Spar) supplying the 6mm aggregate blend that SureSet calls 6mm Winter Pearl. Our operations team were on hand to provide advice and guidance for the based needed and edging options.

By offering a full installation service, we were able to continue to provide our expertise on site during the installation and help with other trade and landscaping works required to get the garden finished. All the companies involved pulled together on the day!





“We were pleased to be part of this incredible garden build, a high quality resin bound pathway was installed by SureSet amongst some amazing planting, decking, and fun features.”

Anna Miller | Head of Operations
For the main pathway, the base used for the SureSet resin system was a well compacted crushed stone, this was ideal for the amount of foot traffic expected for this garden pathway area.

SureSet used a clear resin to combine the chosen 6mm Natural Aggregate blend Winter Pearl from our natural range of colours. The required 15m² of stone and resin was mixed on site in a forced action Baron mixer, levelled at a 30mm depth using a handy spazzle and compressed by a hand float both supplied by The Resin Bull.

There was 6m² of loose stone needed for a soakaway area located down the side of the garage where an imaginative dinosaur play table was created for their son Harrison. Alan and his team wanted to use the same Natural Aggregate stone to match the resin bound accessible path but keeping to a loose aggregate for this particular area provides a comfortable space to kneel on when playing whilst also resembling the pebble beaches that surround a Jurassic coast.

The pathway colour and texture is very well suited to the surrounding coastal themed timber and rocks but also creates a bold contrast against the dark green fences, shrubs, and the beautiful mural that is hung in the corner of the garden behind the den and brings all the colours of the garden together.

Overall a wonderful garden for the whole family to enjoy! Resin bound paving has proven to be a perfect design solution for this garden and other projects across the world.  From schools, medical centres, bridges, and hospitals, to private homes and pedestrianised areas, the product has brought life and colour to landscape schemes of all shapes, sizes, and complexity.

SureSet brings life to projects including driveways, patios, pool surrounds, roof gardens, play areas, car parks, and public spaces.  Our range offers a variety of colours – from natural buffs and shades of terracotta to rich, vibrant primary colours and textures from natural gravel and crushed stone, marble and recycled glass, shells, bricks, and even bottles.  The range provides almost limitless options for landscape architects, developers, and homeowners.


Performance is never sacrificed for the sake of design.  SureSet resin systems provide a beautiful and hard-wearing surface that will give plentiful years of service that requires minimal maintenance.  Resistant to cracks, oil, UV-light, and frost damage, the integrity of a SureSet resin bound surface remains intact, preventing stones from becoming loose and weeds from growing through.

To see how the garden was created watch back on ITV’s Love Your Garden episode as shown on the 14th September at 8 pm.

For more information on SureSet Resin Systems and our installation, please email us at [email protected]

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