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Recycled, fun, and accessible paving for school pathways
School requirements
Raynsford Academy had three areas to improve around the school, first was to build a new single-storey stand-alone teaching block.

The second was to create an all–in–one sports pitch! also known as a MUGA pitch. They are made from artificial grass and incorporate different turf types and pitch markings so the surface is suitable for multiple activities.

Thirdly was the external works to make additional pedestrian access and form car parking spaces as well as alterations to the existing main school buildings.

Like all schools, Raynsford Academy wants to inspire children through teaching and learning opportunities to achieve their potential. To celebrate their pupil's talents for a more practical purpose the school wanted to inject some fun and creativity whilst ensuring they made functional, safe, and accessible pathways that connected the school buildings with footpaths to provide a pedestrian walking flow around the school grounds.
The aims of the project were to:

  • Improve accessibility
  • Transform the area
  • Provide hardwearing pathways
  • Increase space inside
  • Install a new sports pitch.

We are very familiar with the requirement for a designer, bespoke or creative paving design, over the years it has become one of our specialties. We often install works of all shapes, colours, sizes, and complexities.

You can discuss your creative paving ideas by contacting us.

Planning and design
The construction contract was awarded to Conamar Building Services Ltd who contacted SureSet Resin Systems in June to quote for the permeable resin bound work required at the Academy, the designs were submitted by PCMS Design.

The main construction works by Conamar were carried out before the school holidays reached, meaning all the pathways were prepared and ready for Ace Resin to complete the SureSet resin bound paving installation during the summer holidays!

The technical team was available over the phone for any questions such as the base requirements. The pathway specifications we recommend for this project (Residential permeable and SureCell base) are available to download online.
Paving doesn’t have to be boring!
The chosen colours for the brighter abstract paving zones are from our very own recycled glass range called Spectrum®, the glass chippings are of the smallest size available and average around 3mm. The recycled glass is always tumbled (no shape edges) before colour coating begins which is completed in-house to guarantee a colour consistency and UV stability.

The striking and fun paving zones SureSet installed feature four bright colours of;

  1. Lemon and lime
  2. Tutti fruity
  3. Aqua
  4. Ultramarine blue.

The colours were separated using straight aluminum edging provided by our supplier Dural UK Ltd. To keep it fun and interesting triangular shapes were incorporated into the design. These increate areas of abstract triangles were installed by hand using a hand float, to ensure the coloured resin bound glass had the best finish.

The remaining pathways consist of one continuous, yet popular chosen colour, 3mm Gunmetal Grey, this is also from our Spectrum range and is made from recycled glass that is pigmented in-house to the opted grey tone.

All areas of resin bound were installed at an 18mm depth on top of a pre-prepared tarmac and in some areas a SureCell base.


What is a SureCell base?

SureCell is an interlocking honeycomb structure that provides the ideal base for small areas whilst being durable, permeable, and eco-friendly. It minimises the need to dig down into the ground and have lots of machinery on site. When installed, it provides an incredibly strong and stable surface which is ideal for footfall.

SureCell was used as a base product for this project, where we applied a resin bound layer over it. With minimal disruption, the system was installed onto a well-compacted crushed stone, by clipping together the honeycomb grids with no need for heavy machinery or allowance for drying time, we backfilled the grids with a loose stone before laying a resin bound over it.

It provided the school with peace of mind having minimal disruption that could have distracted pupils when in class or any nearby residents.

The resin bound product provides a highly attractive, durable, long-lasting surface that requires virtually no maintenance.

Is SureSet easy to clean? Yes. Watch our online maintenance video to see.

The result
Our installations are classed as ‘low energy' because the resin bound material is mixed cold on-site and is expertly floated by skilled installers to deliver a smooth, slip-resistant finish, ideal for vehicular and foot traffic, pushchairs, bikes, and wheelchairs.

The new resin bound pathways that surround the building of Raynsford Academy make a remarkable improvement giving the children, teachers, and visitors better and safer pedestrian access to the new school building and sports pitch.

In addition, each installation is supplied with a full 21 year guarantee against loose stone, cracking, oil damage UV degradation, colour change, frost damage, and workmanship. All works were carried out in accordance with CDM regulations 2015 and in line with our commitment to the Considerate Constructors Scheme.


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