Entrance to Cascina Praiè, Italy

Cascina Praiè, is a project led by an Italian Agricultural Company founded in 2019 that is part of an International Group operating in the agri-food and tourism sector in Italy, Ireland and the UK.

Cascina Praiè, on the Gulf of Andora, produces high quality wines and food in one of the most beautiful areas of the Ligurian Riviera, with a mild and favorable microclimate always caressed by the breezes of the sea winds. Furthermore, from the cellar and its vineyards, you can enjoy an unforgettable view of the Mediterranean Sea. The vineyards are cultivated and respected, enhancing their naturalness and biodiversity.

They want to go back to the past to find and cultivate new development models, in order to generate quality of life, rediscovering values the Italians all really believe in.

Job Brief/Planning
Based in Genoa, HiSkin S.R.L, the Italian Global Partner for SureSet Resin Systems were contacted by the client to discuss the opportunities for adding resin bound paving to the fantastic existing landscape.  In such a special context, where the atmosphere is an element that adds something special to the customer experience, resin bound paving turned out to be the ideal choice.  Infact the materials and the method of execution of the pavement respect the environment, in line with the clients values.

It is 100% eco-sustainable and a environmentally friendly solution because it:

  • is permeable allowing the collection of rainwater and its natural cycle, contributing to the prevention of flooding due to climate changes
  • uses a low emissions production system that does not release toxic fumes in the air
  • provides a totally eco-friendly low maintenance solution by cleaning with water or, in cases of stubborn dirt, use a portable pressure washer. An aftercare and maintenance guide is available to download.

The benefits for using this type of paving product are not just of a technical nature. The aesthetic characteristics of resin bound paving allow a design flexibility that satisfies the client's requests.  There are unlimited design possibilities due to the wide colour and material range available.  For brochures and samples of the Italian paving range, contact HiSkin at [email protected] (for requests within the UK or outside of Europe you can contact SureSet directly at [email protected]).

 Thanks to the ductility of our material and our skilled Installation Team it was possible to embed the Cascina Praiè logo inside the flooring, an element that personalizes and further embellishes the project.  Resin bound paving is great for creating designs and logos within the paving using different stenciling and forming techniques.  Metal edging can be used to create a sharp and definitive divide between colours or we can join them directly to eachother by using wooden stencils and installing each colour seperately which is the technique used for the logo on this project.

In this case the flooring was made by an original color combination with a mix of 6mm Botticino and Blush marble and the 3mm Brown logo.  The colours contrasted with eachother well so that the logo could still stand out against the background and the natural buff tones against the greenery of the landscapes is a stunning overview.

Because of their natural origin, the aggregates, chosen with iridescent chromatic tones, are capable of interpreting the changes of the environment according to the climatic conditions.

The UV stable resin is ideal for keeping the colour stability as it will not turn yellow over time.  SureSet offer a separate catalyst with their resin so that the control is with the Installation Team and differing temperatures cannot create problems for the curing rates.  The 3-part resin system is fully mixed with the aggregates in a forced action mixer before being transferred to the laying area.  It is then levelled out before being compacted using hand trowels or a Hover Trowel.  You can watch a video via our YouTube Channel showing traditional laying techniques.

Within the installation there were several sloping areas which can be easily formed using the hand laid product to create seamless and smooth finishes.  Resin bound paving follows the base whilst creating a durable and permeable top surface.  The base for this project was concrete so therefore any rainfall would travel through the resin bound paving and run to falls and the drainage systems in place.

Cascina Praié project is a story of recovery of tradition but at the same time of opening towards the future, a story of excellence that keeps passion and family warmth alive. For this reason HiSkin are proud to have done a contribution with SureSet resin bound paving which is fully guaranteed for 21 years from the date of installation, something that will go along with them for a long, long time.

 When installed by a SureSet Approved Installer or Global Partner, resin bound paving projects are covered by a 21-year guarantee against:

  • Loose stone
  • Cracking
  • Oil damage
  • Colour change
  • Softening
  • Frost damage
  • Workmanship

*conditions apply.

HiSkin have worked alongside SureSet for many years as a fully trained Global Partner and have produced stunning installations throughout Italy and surrounding countries.  You can see further case studies of their schemes online (filter the sector to Global for all international projects).

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