Coronation Square Transformed into a Modern and Sustainable Public Space with Resin Bound Paving

Coronation Square, located in Leyton, desperately needed a modern facelift for its pedestrian pathways and public spaces. The TP Group, a renowned construction and landscaping company, took up the challenge to revamp the area by installing innovative resin-bound paving. This case study explores the project's objectives, the process followed, the challenges encountered, and the impressive outcomes achieved through the skillful execution of The TP Group.


The primary objectives of the project were as follows:

  • a. Enhanced Aesthetics: With a strategic cost-saving objective, The TP Group couldn’t compromise the project's final aesthetic. They aimed to elevate the overall aesthetics of Coronation Square by using visually appealing and durable resin-bound paving materials.
  • b. Improved Safety and Accessibility: The existing pedestrian pathways were uneven and prone to hazards. The TP Group aimed to create a safe and accessible environment for residents and visitors by installing a smooth, slip-resistant surface.
  • c. Sustainability and Durability: The TP Group's commitment to environmental sustainability led them to choose eco-friendly and long-lasting materials, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

Planning and Preparations

Before commencing the project, The TP Group conducted a thorough site inspection and engaged in consultations with local authorities and stakeholders. The team developed a detailed plan that outlined the installation process, the type of materials to be used, and the project timeline.

Installation Process

The TP Group meticulously followed a systematic approach for the installation of resin-bound paving:

  • a.Surface Preparation: The existing pathways were cleaned, repaired, and levelled to ensure a smooth foundation for the resin-bound paving.
  • b.Material Selection: Collaborating closely with Taylor Wimpey's design team, The TP Group chose a high-quality resin-bound aggregate mix that complemented the surrounding environment and architecture of Coronation Square. The selected materials offered a combination of strength, durability, and aesthetic appeal.
  • c. Mixing and Application: The SureSet resin-bound materials were mixed on-site using specialised equipment. The skilled team applied the mixture evenly over the prepared Surface, creating a seamless and uniform appearance.
  • d. Finishing Touches: The team meticulously inspected the entire area once the resin-bound paving was laid, ensuring no imperfections or uneven spots were present.

Taylor Wimpey had endless gratitude for the hard work and expertise The TP Group contributed to making the project at Coronation Square in Leyton a resounding success.


Although the project ran smoothly, The TP Group encountered a few challenges:

  • a. Weather Constraints: Unpredictable weather conditions occasionally cause minor delays in the installation process. During the autumn and early winter of the contract period, the weather conditions posed safety concerns, temporarily hindering crane usage at the site.
  • b. Coordination with Public: As the project involved a public space, the team had to carefully plan and coordinate their work to minimise disruptions to residents and businesses in the area.
  • c. Coordination with Subcontractors: Working on a podium deck presented its own set of challenges, including coordination with other subcontractors to use the crane for material lifting.

Impressive Outcomes

The TP Group's meticulous approach and attention to detail resulted in the following impressive outcomes:

  • a. Enhanced Aesthetics: The newly installed resin-bound paving significantly improved the visual appeal of Coronation Square. The chosen colour and aggregate mix harmonised with the surroundings, creating an inviting and modern atmosphere.
  • b. Improved Accessibility: The smooth and slip-resistant Surface of the resin-bound paving made walking and cycling more secure, reducing the risk of accidents and falls.
  • c. Sustainability and Durability: The TP Group's use of eco-friendly resin-bound materials ensured a long-lasting and low-maintenance solution. The reduced need for frequent repairs or replacements contributed to the project's sustainability goals.

The TP Group's Exemplary Podium and Ground Floor Landscaping Project at Coronation Square, Leyton, Won SureSet’s Installation of the Year 2022!

Community Response

Meeting strict deadlines, The TP Group completed the project within a remarkable 14-week timeframe. Their dedication allowed the client to welcome their residents into their new homes before Christmas, showcasing the quality of the building and project as a whole.

The local community and authorities responded positively to the transformation of Coronation Square. Residents appreciated the improved aesthetics and safer environment, while local businesses witnessed an increase in foot traffic, benefiting their enterprises.


The TP Group's resin-bound paving installation at Coronation Square, Leyton, stands as a shining example of successful urban transformation. Through their expertise, dedication, and commitment to quality, The TP Group not only achieved the project's objectives but also left a positive impact on the community and environment. The revitalised public space now stands as a testament to the benefits of innovative landscaping solutions for urban areas.

Sean Quinn, TP Group Major Projects Production Director, stated, “We are grateful for the trust placed in us, and we take immense pride in delivering a truly outstanding landscaping project that is a testament to our commitment to excellence in resin-bound surfaces.”

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