Urban paving in Stazzona, Italy

Choosing materials for indoor floors require a lot of attention and care, but it is equally important for outdoor ones, especially if they are part of urban design.

Have you ever noticed how much the features of pedestrian or vehicular paving can positively influence the perception of an urban area, even if it is already beautiful such as a promenade or a historic centre?  That is because a lovely space, in order to be enhanced, needs to be “furnished” with something equally valuable and not just visually.

The right flooring can make the city more beautiful of course, but also more liveable, and safer, suitable for hosting adequate activities and fitting the needs of the people who live there.


In Stazzona (Lake Como) where the Church of San Giuliano stands, the permeable resin bound paving has redesigned the boundaries between the horizontal space of the square and the panoramic balcony, open to the lake and its beautiful valleys, in order to create an immersive effect into the landscape.

The small village of Stazzona, which enjoys a unique panorama, has promoted the replacement of the existing flooring, made by porphyry blocks, with a continuous and seamless paving, suitable for both pedestrian and vehicular use, with the purpose of connecting the different sides of the square to the adjacent road and then up to the belvedere, which overlooks Lake Como.


Permeable paving has been the ideal solution and perfectly matches the project concept. Permeable paving is continuous and gives the visual perception of gliding over the square throughout the adjacent street up to the panoramic sidewalk.  Placed on an asphalt base, it is a 16 mm thick layer of nice blended 6mm selected aggregates Sienna Yellow and Breccia Aurora.


The surface, with a natural and elegant appearance, has been further embellished by the insertion of 315 square blocks also with permeable resin bound paving.  Each block is 15x15cm and made with 1-2mm aggregates in Bardiglio Gray, arranged according to a geometric design.  This was conceived by the designer in order to create an association between the interior flooring of the church, which is also black, and the exterior to accompany the movement in the square.


Resistant to atmospheric agents, permeable and draining, with minimal maintenance requirements, permeable resin bound paving is the right choice due to its functionality.


With this project we have achieved the goal: the aesthetics, the quality of the materials, and the skilled SureSet Global Partner; HiSkin’s Installation Team have enhanced the architectural and landscaped identity of the area.  In some way our permeable paving will be connected emotionally (at least for the next 21 years of guarantee) to the people who will admire that wonderful panoramic view from Stazzona balcony.


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