Sureset Project of the Year 2016

NW Paving and Landscaping Ltd

Having already received a price for resin bonded, Peter and Ruth McCall contacted SureSet Approved Installer NW Paving and Landscaping Ltd to quote for overlaying an area in resin bound paving.

A site survey by Nigel Walker (Managing Director of NW Paving and Landscaping Ltd) revealed the existing concrete surface to be in very good condition; there were hardly any cracks, it was at least 150mm thick and expansion joints were already installed. This was an ideal base for an overlay of SureSet permeable paving.

From the vast range of colours SureSet offer, Tuscan Barley Beach was selected as the perfect match for both the property and the area.

Peter and Ruth had an idea to use the area at the rear of their house to be used more as a patio, than a driveway. To achieve this, Nigel suggested installing a circular detail in the centre to clearly define the driveway and patio area.

Following a decision by Peter and Ruth to choose resin bound over resin bonded paving, Nigel and his team set about preparing the area by excavating the existing concrete to accommodate the circle detail and a section of concrete at the garage door to allow for a roll-over in levels.

Then outlet points for drainage were installed at the lowest point of the patio and driveway, to allow surface water to drain naturally onto the lawn.

Once all the cobbles were laid and jointed, the concrete was primed, the CRM and movement joints installed where necessary, and finally SureSet resin bound paving was laid at an 18mm depth.

Peter McCall was delighted with the installation, saying:

“Please feel free to use me for references, I am very pleased to endorse – not just the job but your work ethic and customer service, we are both very much impressed.”

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