Pathways, Sulzano, Italy

Sulzano is a small town situated on the east shore of Lake Iseo, Italy, facing the wonderful island of Monte Isola.

During the renovation of a B&B, it was necessary to use a permeable flooring system to avoid having problems with the management of rainwater in case of precipitation.  It would also enhance the outdoor spaces making them always usable by guests.

Once works on the structure were completed, the last installation involved the construction of the garden and the HiSkin/SureSet flooring system consisting of SureCell grids and a permeable resin bound paving surface in HiSkin’s own blend, Arabescato. The flooring created is suitable for both pedestrian and light vehicle use, SureCell is ideal to be used in all those residential or public areas that need a stable, solid and permeable base.   SureCell is 100% environmentally friendly because it is made of recycled plastic material and filled in turn with local aggregates to create the stability.  Using SureCell therefore avoids the difficult logistics of the construction site in the case of castings with truck mixers and allows the soils permeability to be unaltered.

The buff colour of the resin bound paving blends in seamlessly with the surrounding landscape enhancing the natural hues from the plants and trees around it.  A smooth pathway is easily accessible by everyone as there is no loose stone, and the low maintenance surface is perfect for this application.

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