Frome, reported on Somerset Live, as the ‘most stylish’ place in the country and according to the 2018 report by The Sunday Times; one of the best places to live in the UK.

A town in eastern Somerset, close to the popular Longleat House and Grounds, Warminster and The Roman Baths, Bath was the location for one of SureSet’s latest patio projects.

Patio Golden Pearl

A south facing, end of terrace property in Chestnut Close, Frome is in the midst of some garden redevelopment.  Removing an old shed unveiled something of a builders dumping ground with mixed concrete slabs, bricks and stone.  After removing the ‘rubble’ the space was dug out and edged with wooden sleepers to create the framework for the new patio.  SureSet’s 6mm Golden Pearl material was chosen from the Natural Aggregate Range supplied by Long Rake Spar and the permeable SureCell was to be used below.  An added feature of LED lighting strips were added to the design from Dural’s edging range.

Fence Patio Garden

The installation started out with preparing and masking off the lighting strips and ensuring the wiring was all in place prior to installing the SureSet resin bound paving so that it could be embedded.  Once this was done, it was an installation against the clock to ensure that the material did not set too quickly in the hot weather and that the lighting could be set within the ‘live’ hand floating of the material.  The border was created first and the lights inset.  The remainder of the patio area was quick to be laid by skilled installers.  A ‘ramp’ was also created with excess material in front of the garage door to create less of a drop to the access route.

Fence Patio Golden

 “The natural sandy colour and smooth nature of the paving fits in perfectly with the garden and the fact there is no loose stone means my small children and cats can’t dig it up and throw it across the garden anymore!”

Fence Patio Shiny

Key Features

• Application: Patio
• Area:  12m²
• Base:  SureCell
• Colour:  6mm Golden Pearl.
• Depth:  52mm SureCell with 24mm SureSet
• Edges:  Wood sleepers, cladding
• Installed: July 2018